By GC89
Being discussed on the other place, but looks like we are potentially in for him.

His other option seems to be retirement and the rumour hasn't been met with uniform enthusiasm. However, as much as I like Parton, he needs to string some games together to convince me he is the long-term solution and, similarly, Loader needs to be focusing on playing on the wing long term. Abendanon is still very much in and around the starting XV for Clermont and if he can help us out for a season or two I would be more than happy to take him on.
His Wikipedia falls off a cliff once he left Bath - any idea how much he's been playing recently? If he's still starting 15 it could be a good signing but Clermont must no longer want him and think they can do better - maybe I'm expecting too much by comparing our needs and wants squad-wise to Clermont, but at the same time we've been bitten a hundred times before by signing what are effectively other teams' cast-offs, in my opinion.
By GC89
It looks to me like he has started 11 out of 17 Top 14 matches. Haven't checked in Europe, but that isn't a bad return. Clermont are one of the most attractive sides in Europe and tend to be able to take their pick of the Southern Hemisphere talent that becomes available. I think we are still shopping in a slightly different market, despite our success last summer. I may be wrong and he could be a busted flush, but just because they are letting him go, I wouldn't take that as a sign that he is past it.
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By Stevie J
Bendy's stats for this season are here on the ASM website; ... -abendanon

Seems to have played in 10 matches, only scoring one try, and it was this weekend (on the wing);

Like GC89, I'll take Bendy if he wants to come and give us an experienced 15 and free Paddy to play 10, allow Parton some seasoning and Loader to focus on wing.
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By Narbia
I don't get this buying a player in his potential last year of activity. I've no doubt he was class in his peak, but how does bringing NA in in anyway help TP to become a better 15?

Every player needs game time to hone their craft. That certainly applies to young Loader. A top player for sure can pass on tips to a less experienced player, but isn't that what we have backs/forwards/attack/defence/skills/handling/kicking/set-piece..etc etc.. coaches for?

Apply the same argument to the top flight (ex) player Sean O'Brien. How does having SO'B in the squad help? We got beasted at the breakdown on Sunday, and that is the sort of thing that should be addressed, not returning back to failed policy of hiring someone because he's available. :dizzy:

This is the first year in yonks, that the club have recruited those with still plenty of gas still in the tank.
By GC89
I suppose it depends on the individual, but there are examples of experienced pros with a year or two left in the tank coming in and helping to develop the youngsters.

In any event, I don't think we can go into next season with one recognised full back (assuming Veitokani will be off and Stokes is only a short term signing).
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By MattM
When I've spoken to our young players they have all talked about how much having a veteran player in their position has helped them.

For Jacob Atkins it was having Myler and, last season, Keatley to advise him.
Ben Atkins has talked about Saia Fainga'a really pushing on his game at hooker.
Naholo is doing the same this season for Loader and OHC.

Having someone in your position who has been there and done it can be invaluable. They can review a young players game tape with them, talk through different situations, choices they can make etc.

If Abendanon is cheap he could be a noon not only for Parton but also for Wil Partington who is coming through the senior academy.
I have no problem with the signing, but I would want the terms to be good for us, NA certainly isn't one to be spending out big money on.
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By Margin_Walker
Exactly. With a signing like this it always comes down to cost and contract length.

He was a fantastic player, even up to a season or two ago (not seem him at all this year). That said you are taking a risk with an outside back in his mid 30s. If he's looking for a transition back to the UK and isn't asking the earth financially it could work out well. Assuming there's anything to the rumour, I'm sure the club have considered everything they need to.
I find it a bit mad anyone could be considering short-term deals at the moment considering no-one really knows when the next game's going to be... although I guess the club and the decision makers have a better idea than we do.

I wonder what our injury list currently looks like, aside from general match fitness


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