By M_W
Don't recognise too many of the names. Wouldn't be surprised if it was U17 heavy and didn't include those who have already agreed senior academy terms (likes of Bradbury, Arundell etc).

Off the top of my head I remember seeing Davis and Fearnley playing for the AASE league winning team last season. Fearnley also featured occasionally for the full U18s. Harding also played a fair for the U18s. Recognise the halfbacks too, but not sure if they got any U18 gametime last year.
By M_W
Cheers. That's pretty much the only thing I've seen too. Shame there's not a little more coverage.

Even just footage of the tries, which a few clubs put out.
By M_W
And a third if you count the ACE team now


Likely to be pretty depleted given there are players involved for the U18 and U17. Albeit Wellington will be missing a few to us and Quins as well.

Assume the ACE team is Bishop Wand and St Pauls combined given it's a transition year with the programme switching between schools


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