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By Narbia
I've just skim read that above link.

My own position hasn't changed : I think the reborn LI is all pie in the sky.

As mentioned in the other two threads (Sale & WW) there's a bit of an assumption that Championship, sorry Prem2, clubs are all going to jump into line. They ain't,by what the current Championship spokesman has already said.

By M_W
Yep, regardless of the fairness of it all, we are a million miles from being able to to participate in any pro rugby in 2025.

Deathly silence on the administration process and absolutely no indication so far that anyone is trying to seriously resurrect pro rugby at the club.
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By Stevie J
There will soon, if not already, be an update coming to Companies House as the Administrators have released their update report. I took a look at it yesterday but to be honest its the same document as last time with some noted additions. I decided against comparing both documents side by side (I eventually DID have some work to do) but the main changes seemed to be updates as to the secured creditors positions and their likelihood of securing returns: Close (who loaned us circa £5m at Christmas 2022 against our P shares), Powerday and Sport England).

It would seem (if I read this right) that Close are now receiving payments from PRL, that PRL have mentioned but not formally approached the Administrators about buying the P Shares. Its mentioned that its unlikely Powerday and Sport England are going to get all their money back, and the same was mentioned to unsecured creditors, such as HMRC. I don't think any of that is unusual however.

Seems no major movement other than the same text on multiple parties being interested in a mix of the assets, the IP, and that some want it all - but no major movement yet.
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