Narbia wrote:
Mon May 01, 2023 11:03 pm
Leavers ; the official comment

Hasta la veusta amigos. Many thanks for your contributions, and sincere good luck for the future.
Not sure the last time I saw a leavers list with so little impact on a first choice 23. OHC obviously but I think we have plenty there. Simmons is a big loss given both his abilities and his availability. Just a rock and an inspired bit of business.

Poor Tom Parton. So many injuries but I’m sure he’ll do fine at Sarries, albeit I wonder if his role might be more backup than leading man. Gigena too has actually developed a lot with us into a valuable player, albeit one with a penchant for a yellow, but I liked his attitude.

Weirdly I do not think we ever announced Kyle Cooper as cover? But I saw him at the GTech at games and here he is announced as a leaver. Odd.
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By M_W
Moss and Maddock the interesting ones there.

Moss at lock is a regular for Scotland U18. Assume Maddock has been injured as he only featured in the first couple of academy league games last summer.

Surprised not to see Cam Ellis included
Any more rumours on new signings. Usually we're done by now but I guess the proposed buyout has stalled things. We may be a bit behind in signing new players but given the lack of first teamers going we should cope.

Plus we've done well with mid-season signings recently.
M_W wrote:
Mon May 08, 2023 11:50 am
Moss and Maddock the interesting ones there.

Moss at lock is a regular for Scotland U18. Assume Maddock has been injured as he only featured in the first couple of academy league games last summer.

Surprised not to see Cam Ellis included
I assume there will be a few more to come, whether because they turn 18 after the end of the season or just because the announcement is delayed.
Yeah, it will be interesting to see the official announcement when it comes. Although I'm assuming most announcements will be on hold pending the takeover now.

Either way we usually end up with an initial tranche and then a few extra later in the summer on the academy intake side (Makepeace-Cubitt and Kirkham last season for example)
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As of 9th May 2023:
Confirmed Leavers - Isaac Curtis-Harris, Facundo Gigena, Ollie Hassell-Collins (Leicester), Isaac Miller, Hugh O'Sullivan, Tom Parton (Saracens), Rob Simmons (Clermont Auvergne), James Stokes, Mike Willemse, Giosuè Zilocchi (Bennetton) (All Senior).
Jamie Jack, Patrick Harrison, Kyle Cooper, Logan Trotter (All Short Term / Loans).
Louie Kirkham, Oran Murphy, Oliver Stirling (All Academy).

Confirmed Joiners So Far (incl midseason) – Coco Ruiz, Eddie Poolman, Tom Collins (All Senior); Ralph McEachran, Charlie Moss, Finn Worley-Brady, Rory Taylor, Toby Maddock (All Academy).

Senior LH – Fischetti, Goodrick-Clarke, Haffar.
Senior TH – Hoskins, Chawatama, Parker, Green.
Academy – Fasogban, Summerfield (assuming Haffar will get a senior contract).
Outgoing – Gigena is leaving, rumours are for France. Giosue Zilliochi, we hardly knew you. Oran Murphy leaves the Academy.
Incoming – TBC.

Senior – Creevy, Cornish, Ruiz.
Academy – Vajner, Scott.
Outgoing – Slightly surprisingly, Mike Willemse is leaving for parts unknown so far. Isaac Miller is leaving after a single season.
Incoming – Ruiz joined midway through the season as a permanent signing.

Senior – Coleman, Ratuniyarawa, Munga, Caulfield, Scragg.
Academy – Gleeson, Moss.
Outgoing – Simmons is leaving for Clermont.
Incoming – Charlie Moss is joining the Academy from the Midlands Academy, and is an U18 international for Scotland. Rumours previously of Fergus Lee-Warner (Bath) and Cameron Jordan (Gloucester).

Back Row
Senior – Rogerson, Basham, Donnell, Cooke, Pearson, Gonzalez, Moore-Aiono, Smart, Fa'aso'o, Cunningham-South, Atkins
Academy – Brooke, Worley-Brady. (Assuming Cunningham-South may get a senior contract this offseason.)
Outgoing – Curtis Harris is leaving, after failing to get much gametime. Stirling and Kirkham are leaving the Academy after one year.
Incoming – Finn Worley-Brady joins the Academy after captaining he U18s to their Premiership Academy title.

Senior – White, Powell, Englefield.
Academy – Allan.
Outgoing – Hugh O’Sullivan leaving is slightly surprising given the runs of games he had towards the end of the season.
Incoming – TBC.

Senior – Jackson, Jennings, Atkins.
Academy – Bradbury, Taylor.
Outgoing – None.
Incoming – Rory Taylor joins the Senior Academy.

Senior – Janse Van Rensburg, Joseph, Morisi, Hitchcock, Poolman, Williams.
Academy – Walsh, Cross, Shortland.
Outgoing – Curis Rona left midseason to Mitsubishi Dynoboars.
Incoming – Eddie Poolman joined midseason from Sydney University.

Senior – Loader, Rowe, Cinti, Collins, Dykes.
Academy – Harmes, Maddock.
Outgoing – Ollie Hassell-Collins joins Leicester Tigers.
Incoming – Tom Collins joins from Northampton. Toby Maddock is joining the Senior Academy.

Full Back
Senior – Arundell.
Academy – Makepeace-Cubitt.
Outgoing – Tom Parton leaves for Saracens. James Stokes leaves for parts unknown. Logan Trotter is also not staying.
Incoming – TBC. Have been linked several times with Anthony Watson (Leicester).
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By M_W
I guess we have to assume that Vajner, Harmes and Brooke will all be on senior contracts next season as their 3 years in the academy are up along with Haffar.

Makepeace-Cubitt is more of a utility back than wing. Primarily full back, but also appeared at 10 and 13 for the U18s last season.

Squad building starts to get interesting with the increased EQP requirements that are approaching. Whether it ends up being Jordan or not, I expect we'll add an EQP player there to replace Simmons for example.
The squad looks decent to me. There are always going to be areas we would want to strengthen, but if we have to go into next season with the above group and then pick up a few extras post WC then that wouldn't be the end of the world given the recent upheaval. I think the big question marks for me are at hooker, where you have to assume Creevy will gradually fade and it isn't quite clear whether Cornish or Ruiz (who I have high hopes for) are ready and scrum-half where after White we look a bit average (I personally liked HoS so it's a shame to see him go).
Centre is an area for reinforcement I'd say. BVR plays better at 12 but with his "body on the line" style of playing probably needs a bit of looking after, can't expect him to play every game. Rona is a miss for us, Joseph is a huge prospect but after that we fall away fairly quickly. No doubt the rest can do it for the odd game but I'm yet to see evidence that they could play 5-6 games in a row and be 7/8 out of 10 in each one. (I really hope Williams can prove me wrong and overcome his injury jinx)

I haven't included Jennings in the centres because we've been hugely lucky with Paddy's injury record. Can he really go another season with barely an injury? If not Jennings pops into the 10 slot.
Agree on BJVR at 12, despite the good results with him at 13. I just like the idea of still having a strike runner at 13. Williams is one of those players who looked like they had the raw ingredients to do okay. He was superb in that last Championship season, but the injuries have been crippling for him. Guessing he's in contract for next season or he may also have been released. Prem Cup (or whatever they call it) will probably be last chance saloon for him next year.

Joseph is a real talent, but seems similarly fragile, so wouldn't surprise me to see another centre come in.

Fundamentally though the squad is in a pretty good place though imo
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Agreed on Joseph. He seems to be picking up quite a few injuries. I hope he can come through them and string some games together as BJVR-Joseph looks like it has a higher ceiling as a partnership than Jennings-BJVR. Someone on the other forum mentioned Proctor just before Collins was announced. I don't know if that was a misplaced guess or if that is actually on the cards, but he would be a perfect fit.
On the X player is free and would be a good fit, I see Glasgow have announced Simon Berghan is off. He'd be a good replacement for Zillochi, although we do have four tightheads already and only two looseheads (plus Haffar presumably stepping up as third).
Florida wrote:
Sun May 14, 2023 7:19 am
Here's a new rumour for you - Liam Marshall of Wigan Warriors
Yeah, saw that randomly on Twitter from a Wigan fan yesterday.

Something to talk about, but don't really see it. Cross code rarely works out and is usually more effort that it's worth.

I guess the ones that do work out tend to be outside backs like him, so there is that.
While I agree cross code rarely works, I'd counter it with one club that might make the transition easier is us. We've got Kiss and Davis as the two main coaches, both from a league background and there's a real league feel to some of our attacking shape and plays.

As to do we need another winger. I don't think so, but according to the other board we do.
Florida wrote:
Sun May 14, 2023 7:19 am
Here's a new rumour for you - Liam Marshall of Wigan Warriors
Sounds really random - for one thing he only late last year signed a fairly long term extension with Wigan. I'd file that one under "Ruck will use this - so probably will never happen".
Sad to see (i saw it on LinkedIn earlier) but Monty Bradbury has announced his retirement from rugby due to a knee injury sustained last May.

As @MattM pointed out to me earlier, thats a lot of young fly halves that wound up having to retire from Irish - TBC, Smerdon and now Bradbury.

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