By Margin_Walker
Sounds like it may be on the cards. 4000 in tier one, 2000 in tier two providing it's less than 50% of capacity.

Assuming London is tier two (and it goes ahead), 2000 would be a real lifeline at Brentford for the winter.
I wonder if consideration has or will be given to where supporters are travelling from. 100 fans going to watch Dog and Duck RFC in a local park is different to 4,000 Premiership Rugby fans arriving from Brentford, London, surrounding counties, Reading etc

Good news though!
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By Florida
Fan-tastic (sorry, really couldn't help myself) news, we'll have to all keep our fingers crossed that London moves to tier 2 or lower post lockdown (its sounding promising so far).
By GC89
Great news. Still don't understand why this wasn't allowed in the summer when rates were lower (and theatres and cinemas were open), but at least there is now an acknowledgment that risk of infection must be very low in socially-distanced stadiums. Hopefully things continue to head in the right direction! Sale on Sunday 6th suddenly seems like a possibility.
Brentford have Blackburn at Home on Saturday December 5th

We have Sale at Home on Sunday December 6th

I wonder if the stadium has tested Covid compliance / protocols etc and would be ready to hit the ground running...
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By Narbia
It's a good thing on many fronts, but I've got to wonder what brought the U-turn from next April to now.
By SixNineOne
I think we can be pretty sure that the U turn from next April to now is all about political expediency rather than a sudden onset of scientific enlightenment. It seems to me that it’s now down to the club to do all they can to make the match day experience safe and then down to the individual supporters to do their own risk assessment based on their particular circumstances and then to behave responsibly. For my part, I’m really keen to attend and see the new stadium.
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By Narbia
As far as LI is concerned, we strangely enough, should be in the safest place. If you take what we got as attendance in the Championship, then that could be safely seated in the BCS.

I'm part of the Reading 10,000 and am waiting to see.

Anyway, thanks to Quins, as they've ran a safe test case already. The tough thing for them is that they could sell out the Stoop tomorrow were it safe to do so.
Tickets bought - it kinda looks like there are quite a lot still available which might explain why I didn't have to wait until any sort of '2pm General Release' to purchase them...
By SixNineOne
I hope we don’t have the embarrassment of being unable to entice 2,000 fans into our brand new stadium! It would be a shame if we had to rely on Sale fans defying the lockdown and travelling south to make up the numbers...
A rough count of seats remaining on the ticketing page suggests we've sold 1,626 so far
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By Stevie J
Given there is only 1,500 GHA as 500 are hospitality I don't think that's true. I was bored enough to count with my fingers and thumbs.

There is 565 seats left on the online ticket page as of 5 mins ago. That would indicate we've sold 935 as of this AM.
By GC89
Would be great if we could get to 1500.

Think we are hindered by a few things:

1. Average age of the crowd

2. The need to establish a new fan base - most people we will persuade to come will be dragged along by a friend or make a group decision to give us a go. Current rules simply don't allow that.

All in all, I won't be too concerned therefore if we miss 1500, but would obviously be better if we did hit it.
Ah yes, I forgot the hospitality. I counted 374 seats still available last night, although last night blocks N124 and N123 were sold out whereas today there appear to be seats available... Odd.
By GC89
Would be interested to know whether other clubs who can have fans this weekend have sold out.
By SixNineOne
Your point about the average age of our typical crowd is a good one. I suspect a fairly high proportion of our regular attendees are having to be somewhat cautious at the moment and are having to forgo a trip to the new stadium for the time being. Once things open up a bit more, the club needs to focus on getting a younger crowd in - targeting the expat Aussies, Kiwis and Saffers who live in West London wouldn’t be a bad idea.
By GC89
Getting younger fans along will be massively helped by the location. Not that there aren’t young people in reading but a 20 minute bus ride to the stadium with no pubs nearby hardly makes for an appealing day out. There must be at least 20 pubs within walking distance of the new ground and the stadium itself is effectively on the train platform. Think it will make a huge difference.
Around 585 tickets available on the website by last approximate count, which does include hospitality seats. Don't know what variables are changing day to day but a crowd in excess of 1,500 would be a reasonable start IMO.
Just did another quick count, looks like 569 general / disabled / hospitality / family tickets still available so if that's accurate or vaguely close we're at 1431
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By Stevie J
So what was our first thoughts of a Brentford match day, albeit without much of what we can expect?

For us driving from Reading the journey was pain free with no M4 stoppages. We had parking at Lionel Road Primary and it was right off the M4. Car park staff were lovely. Walk to the ground was only 10 minutes and all very efficient to get into the North Stand.

With Lionel Road South being closed there seemed plenty of room for any food, drink, entertainment outdoors and around the stadium, much more than I thought there’d be.

Did anyone take in any local pubs?
By SixNineOne
I thought our new home was brilliant. Really easy to get to and a great feel to the place once you’re inside. Even with only 2,000 of us in there, there was a really good atmosphere. You can imagine that once restrictions are eventually lifted and the bars and food stalls are opened, it’ll be really lively. Sitting in the stands you still feel very close to the action on the pitch - much more fun that the somewhat grandstand view I used to get at MadStad. I’m also glad to say I think I look to have made a good choice with my season ticket seat, when I eventually get to sit in it! Importantly, they’ve done a really good job with the branding and signage, so it felt like it was our ground. At MadStad you were always very conscious of all the Reading FC branding, meaning that we always felt like a bit like intruders. Fortunately at Brentford Community Stadium our landlords maintain a very discrete presence during our match days - well done to all concerned!
By GC89
Thought the stadium was brilliant. Looks like you get a great view wherever you’re sat and you feel closer to the action than at the madejski. The colour scheme also suits us and makes it feel more like a proper home.

I took in the steam packet for lunch. Was really good in there for a Sunday lunch and a pint. Some other lovely looking spots just further along on the river. Will be spoiled for choice!
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By MattM
Yes, a nice easy journey up from Portsmouth, just under 80 minutes and cheap parking at a spot just off the M4.
The way back from that location took us past Twickenham which, on another day, might be a concern but as we would probably have one of the club car parks I doubt that would be an issue.
Loved the ground, friendly staff, close to the action but still fairly spacious I felt. Open up food and drink & it will be lovely.
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