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By TeflonTed
And greetings from Wuss, we’re in the middle of a debate as to whether or not to move here officially, in the meantime a few of us are pottering around having a look on here.

It’s a bit like Brexit.

Anyway, must go, got to pack for the early run tomorrow up to Holyhead, Stenaline pm crossing, and a decent pint in Swans at Curragha before dinner.
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By Doddies left boot
Greetings also from those protecting the wall.
I too can no lonGermany access my SN account despite requests for a new password. So I'm here for good. I do like this site and Alex seems to be working hard to take user requests on board.
This board now seems to have an active presence from LI , Falcons, Sale, Worcester which is a decent start. More will follow as the SN 2 years in the making revamp was very poor.
Looking forward to some good chats
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By Narbia
Welcome to the new guys above.
Yip there's a continual trickle from the other place.

As you say...
This board now seems to have an active presence from LI , Falcons, Sale, Worcester which is a decent start.
Add to that the 3 links to established berths elsewhere for Quins,Wasps and Glaws then there's already a weight pivoting here! :joy:
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By TeflonTed
Narbia, very true, traffic is increasing. But the objective should be wholesale switching, as per Sale, who have officially abandoned SN and will cease to maintain or moderate it at a certain time.

Dual sites for one club are an official pain in the arse. Which reminds me of another point, which is that the ancient US generated software on SN does not allow one to use the correct term for a female dog.

Which is a bit of a bitch!
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By Alex
Griff said he'd send me an email on with his thoughts so just waiting on that.

Not really sure why people are content with the changes, it's still running on old software and the site still isn't secure :doh:
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By TeflonTed
If it’s anything like the Wuss board there’s a lot of people not even looking during off season.

I know x5 non-posting lurkers (read regularly, rarely if ever post) on the Wussboard and have been in touch with them all last week.

All totally unaware of the discussion re. boards, and all couldn’t give a feck!
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By bartyMJ
Sadly professional salt throwers and trolls are across all forums, its the nature of the internet.

Then again I am a Sarries fan, so perhaps a bit of an abuse magnet given recent events...
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By Narbia
Alphacat wrote:
Sun Aug 04, 2019 6:56 pm
There's not much appetite to move from SN it seems for the majority of the LI messageboard- people seem content with Jon's changes.
For sure some of the long serving posters will hang on until it keels over. I think we'll get more activity here once the season starts. :evillaugh:
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By mehall51
Just having a nosey. Site feels a bit clunky, but hopefully the wrinkles will be smoothed out over time. Struggled to get the avatar down to size and had to use Google compression tool. However I do like the SN postbox at the end of a thread. Maybe VFT22 could use the best bits from the SN.
Anyway a solid start and hopefully it will gain traction with all the Premiership and Championship Rugby clubs.
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By Alphacat
mehall51 wrote:
Wed Aug 07, 2019 4:13 pm
Just having a nosey. Site feels a bit clunky, but hopefully the wrinkles will be smoothed out over time.
Still very new and evolving, plenty of time for the site to be improved based on user feedback.
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By TeflonTed
For those of you who don’t have a peek at other club’s boards.......this is a copy if my post on the Wuss board

For those who may not be keeping up with the thread on SN, the board moderator has announced a proposal to move to here on Sat 17th.

For all those regular posters who have contributed to the discussion and decision making I’d propose a vote of thanks.

And particularly to our moderator, PE over there, GF on here, big thanks for keeping patient, sometimes under testing conditions.

Thank you Lindsay.
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