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By Narbia
I know the LDH isn't that popular with some LI supporters, but I like it. Only problem this year being : were it to run and we are back in it, then it'd be in November or December, which kinda defeats the event in my view.

2 years back, at the start of the season, the weather was great and so led to a pleasant event. Twickers in winter is not so much fun as a spectator. Zero degrees C - meh !
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By MattM
and I doubt the club will have any appetite for it next season as we won't want to turn up to Brentford and immediately look to play one of our games elsewhere.
By SixNineOne
My understanding is that Quins will only play in the LDH if it is an away match for them, as they reckon to do better financially holding their home matches at the Stoop rather than at the LDH. The upshot of this is that we normally get landed with the LDH being a home match for us which makes it a bit less attractive for our fans (unless we happen to stuff Quins...)
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By turniphead
Did the double header happen last year? I might have been a bit heads down from the Prem but I don't recall it.
By nobby
That's a shame.
Whilst I know it's not everyones cup of tea, I actually enjoyed the double headers.
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