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By Narbia
Moving on......

Best of luck fella. Top Bloke. Felt he could have been better managed/coached though. :-k
By SixNineOne
I agree. I never understood why he seemed to attract so much opprobrium on our message boards. I always thought he was a solid player.
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By Stevie J
For me Greig was always prone to one rather large mistake per match - it was just whether he could shake it off or if he didn't it would it affect him the rest of the match. He was also pigeonholed into a utility back status which meant he was never really first choice for any position with Jimmy Marshall, Tommy Bell, Myler, Theo and even Jabon Atkins getting looks ahead of him.

The writing was on the wall from the Ealing away match last season where he had a bit of a mare frankly and following week Tom Parton showed what they could do and that they could run back the ball from 15 with interest.

Nothing against him, he was lovely and certainly played his part at times. Good luck to him at Ensians / Rams.
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