By Aidanb
Newcastle Falcons team to face Jersey Reds (Saturday, 3pm, Stade Santander International)

15 Tom Arscott

14 Adam Radwan

13 Tom Penny

12 Toby Flood

11 Sinoti Sinoti

10 Joel Hodgson

9 Sam Stuart

1 Adam Brocklebank

2 Jamie Blamire

3 Mike Daniels

4 Darren Barry

5 Sean Robinson

6 Will Welch (captain)

7 Gary Graham

8 Callum Chick


16 Charlie Maddison

17 Sam Lockwood

18 Rodney Ah You

19 Toby Salmon

20 Simon Uzokwe

21 Michael Young

22 Brett Connon

23 George Wacokecoke

Referee: Matt Turvey
one or two unexpected selections in that team. Perhaps due to injury and wanting to give everyone a hit out in the cup. We do have a massive squad for the championship. Great to have a few long termers back from the physios recovery room
By Aidanb
Seemed like Uzokwe has a cracking game.

Smithy on the radio gave that impression.

Whilst on the subject of Smithy in the radio we should start a Smithy Bingo game

Every time he mentions
The Radleys are out
The Richard Arnold Memorial Sin Bin seat


We all take a drink
By Leipziger
Not a good first half, we struggled for possession and kicked most of the ball we did have. Jersey played some nice rugby but struggled to make much progress with it. Their try looked like a bit of a mix-up between Radwan and Young, though neither can be criticised for it.

Darren Barry had a good game I thought. Blamire was quite lively as well, made a big break for one of the tries.

Hopefully Penny's injury (head by the look of it) isn't too bad, man's got no luck with injuries.

Overall, good in defence but need to do better when we have the ball.
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