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By Doddies left boot
Hello all!
Just a question for the new board. Can we still have some "Stickies "?
I shall be remaining as I don't like the SN adverts site
So I have removed my trews and put on my boot!!
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By Major Bloodnok
Stickies do exist, but I'm not sure if it needs a moderator to do it (I am a moderator, so I can see the button - I don't know if others can). @Alex should be able to tell you more.
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By Doddies left boot
Squad sticky
Away travel advice/help
Would also like a durham northumberland leagues one for local matches and info
I have come over and happy to do so as it's now the only game in town. Still finding my way around the functions and will no doubt soon become more adept at finding my round.
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By Doddies left boot
Not a fan of the dn forum as just like sports network it's very out of date and could do with a revamp . But fair enough not to have on here.
By Monkey1
I'm not bothered about anything being out of date as long as it works. I haven't looked at the old site for a while & see it has been taken down again. How Sportnetwork think that helps anybody is beyond me. Absolute idiots.
By Geordiefalcon
I see Sportsnetwork is down again...does that mean we're making the move here permanently now?
By Aidanb
Geordiefalcon wrote:
Fri Jul 12, 2019 12:53 pm
I see Sportsnetwork is down again...does that mean we're making the move here permanently now?
We are here for the foreseeable.
By Dick Godfrey
I have found this site. All I need to be able to do now is get the icon onto my Tab S to make access easy and instant..
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By Monkey1
I notice that the Sale Sportnetwork site is now immune from requiring a story every 2 weeks, and now possibly ours too. This really is the final nail in the coffin as far as I am concerned. For blasted years, Aidan & myself have had to come up with content to keep the site alive, but now that they see we have finally had enough, they decide it doesn't matter anymore, or does it? The whole thing stinks. Do what they ask & you get punished, don't do what they ask & they let it go. They couldn't have a less customer-friendly policy if they tried.

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By rubyrhone
Think I have got the basic hang of the site now. Seems OK but will miss the prediction league
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By Alex
rubyrhone wrote:
Wed Jul 17, 2019 11:36 am
Think I have got the basic hang of the site now. Seems OK but will miss the prediction league
Keep your eyes on the news section of the website :sus:
By RunningRugby
After appearing on and checking this site for a few weeks, I too, actually prefer the sport network site.

I will still update my transfer and contracts thread, but will happily hand them over to someone else, if anyone wants to take up the mantle, as I will be looking less and less on here going forwards......
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By Doddies left boot
Im staying here!

i know someone has taken over admin for the SN site and many are staying put but bloody hell if that revamp is the best they can come up with then its proof that they cannot do anything with the site.
It would scrape a pass at GCSE but thats it.
Its just not a secure website.
Adverts still take over at least 1/3 of the page (cash comes first?)
I know people dont like change but come on.
Is the new admin on SN tied to the club? i hope not.
Any how i will post on here for what its worth. Who is staying here?
Looking at other teams i do think more will come over.
By CharlieDog
I'm inclined to stay here too but that will depend upon how much activity there is. I prefer the look of this site - the 'revamp' of the SN PC site has refreshed it but I'm not sure if it's improved. I tend to use the mobile version on my phone and can't see any discernible on the SN site.

Anyway, as someone said on the other site - its all about leavers and remoaners these days!!!!
By DH4Falcon
Got to say thsat i'm really impressed with this new site so far. The only real complaint I have with it so far is not being able to see the other messages while typing my own out.
By Aidanb
I am liking this site much better

I guess the new admin on the SN site will maybe come to terms with the problems we had but I suspect interest from the new admin will fade and it will start to diminish.

It could just be a longer transition than we planned
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By Alex
I think as this site gets more popular as more teams move over then we'll see the opposition to move diminish.

Worcester are holding a poll and nearly 70% have voted to move so we'll be gaining more members shortly hopefully!
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By TeflonTed
Back to the top!

Those of you who no longer check the SN site will have missed the recent exchange re. Wuss and vft22.

Essentially, both Falcons and Wuss now have 2 boards competing for traffic. We “vft22 people” have been asked nicely to stop bothering the Falcons SN board, and that moderator has expressed support to the Wuss SN board.

So we need to keep busy folks!
By Lurkio
Shame the moderators didn’t consult with the users before moving to another provider.
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