By Monkey1
Another win, still unbeaten so that will do for me. All I am bothered about until after Christmas is a return to a winning mentality after suffering for so long in the doldrums. We can start thinking about next season in the new year, for now we just need to keep slogging out wins like this one, and in a perverse sort of way, horrible games like this in vile conditions on a dodgy pitch are probably more worthwhile than champagne rugby in the sunshine. We can't fool ourselves with a slippery ball in the mud.
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By Doddies left boot
still no hiding the facts even in good conditions the team fail to inspire fans. We do need some new input in the coaching team i feel. I do know that a recently departed Academy coach would have to bite his tongue when watching skillful academy youngsters moving up and having their creativity coached out of them. hope the new Academy coach has more luck with the senior team.
But yes wins are wins
By Aidanb
Maybe we we get a split of the Salaricens fine we can emply an attack coach.

I liked seeing Dom Waldouck playing again, always loved his commitment and skills.

I wonder if Is it possible to get 6 weeks from the citation person?

3 for a neck roll and 3 for a shoulder to the face ?
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