By shiversaint
Thought I'd seize the bull by the horns and see if we can get some momentum off of SPN for Saints Supporters...

Given the ole heave ho that some deserving players have had out of the England RWC squad, and my honest surprise that Ludlam wasn't one of them, how likely do others feel that he'll get much gametime?

Whilst I am a firm believer in Ludlam having a pretty serious career ahead of him, and I think captaincy will be a part of it, I honestly expected that he was being involved just to expose him to camp, in preparation for the future.
By Duckonstilts
I didn't expect much for him this year but he may well be showing in training what we have seen this season.

At this point he has a decent chance.
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By poyntonshark
You probably won't be surprised to hear that I think him behind Curry at the moment, I also think him behind Underhill in the pecking order too. But, he has always impressed me when I have seen him for you guys, he will surely get an opportunity to play in at least one of the warm ups, if he takes that opportunity with the same relish as Curry and Underhill have taken theirs then he has every opportunity of substantial involvement in Japan. Though will, of course, depend on what mix of 6's, 7's and 6.5's EJ deems necessary. Has he played much 6 for you?
By shiversaint
I don't believe he has, no. Almost exclusively 7. Saying that, I watch from afar so maybe someone more present at FG can confirm.
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By TeflonTed
He did have a good start, as did most of Eddie’s surprisingly effective selections.

As a Swansea boy, I’m just impressed that Gats chose most cleverly to have Wales’ one bad game now, before getting to Japan.

At least, I’m trying to convince myself of that.
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By poyntonshark
Yes, Lewis rather conveniently answered my question for me. He can indeed play at 6 and make more than a decent fist of it, a quality which I believe gives him an improved chance of going to Japan. Don't think he will be first choice in either position (though both 7's ahead of him are currently injured), but assuming EJ genuinely wanted a look at him and wasn't just filling spaces, then he did himself a deal of good yesterday.
By Duckonstilts
Well he is off to Japan now so he obviously proved himself to the guy who matters most.

I think its likely he will get some more game time over the next few weeks and then who knows.

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