Well in my ST it says

“There has been no formal consultation with us (RPA) and it seems an effort to circumvent the RPA, go to individuals and pressure them into signing deals that are favourite to the clubs.

Not all clubs have behaved in this way. Bristol, Bath, Exeter, Northampton, Sale and Saracens reaches agreement with their players.”

I didn’t see anything that Sale acted in a disingenuous manner.
In mine it says
"there is a club out there," says one unnamed player, "that says all their players agreed to take a 25 per cent pay cut and I know that's not true . None of the players there will says this publicly but what actually happened was players were told to take a pay cut or have their contracts ripped up...............(more on another club)"
There is much more in this David Walsh article about the dystopian finances of Prem businesses. Very few businesses get increased revenue to produce bigger losses.
I’m sorry in advance for breaking for the forum rules but Elpus you really are a twat.

The fact you give a “well done” for reading the full article, how condescending are you? Can we give you a well done for suggesting Sale is the one club mentioned in the article, even when all evidence suggests otherwise?

Honestly, you are tiresome, ill informed and generally just not a nice person. I genuinely pity someone who takes joy from spending their life sniping at a club they supposedly support, how bored must you be.
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As iBozz ironically points out the way one says things is often mission critical.

From what i have been lead to believe Sale players were openly informed that the ramifications of Covid were so widespread that the ongoing survival of the club, and indeed the sport, was in a grave danger, so much so that a reappraisal of realities had been required and that the salary cap was to be immediately reduced by 25%. They therefore felt that in order for us to continue TOGETHER as a highly competitive team and club for the next 4 years, vying for top honours, Sale's management proposed an immediate across the board reduction in contractual salaries by 25% from top to bottom so as to remain under the salary cap. This to be reviewed as soon as the economics permitted. The whole club all got on board once reassurances had been given to take individual circumstances into consideration.

At one or two other Premiership clubs it appears the threat of termination of contracts if a player wouldn't agree by a set date (to a 25% cut) was more of a sort of ultimatum given, with significantly different end results.

Both refer to exactly the same set of circumstances. All Premiership clubs were in agreement following a PRL meeting that a 25% tightening of belts was immediately required to mitigate against financial disaster for the league as a whole. Them all agreeing to go back to their clubs and seek player and staff agreement. They agreed to be completely unified in that approach and not to take advantage of other clubs in any fall-out, by using their slightly better financial circumstance.
That is, after all, what happened is it not?

Lord Elpus is correct in that any clubs staff/players could have taken it personally in a completely negative manner, with much of it dependent on the way it was done, and the togetherness of the club in facing the new reality.

I suppose it all depends on the exact words used and the pre-existing mental attitude of the people involved.

Just like posts and their interpretation! :lol


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