In spite of my being determined never to buy a smartphone, sustained pressure and threats of retribution from my nine year old Granddaughter - a feisty young Lady who scares the proverbial out of me and who thought that I was ignoring her because I didn't have FaceTime or WhatsApp during Shielding Lockdown - has forced me to buy an iPhone SE 2020 256GB running under iOS13.5.1.

However, I am having trouble getting Do Not Disturb to work whilst allowing calls from my Favourites to get through.

The problem, as far as I can see in my profound ignorance , is in the toggle for Silence, which is either to silence the phone Always which stops all calls including Favourites, or While iPhone is Locked which stops all calls including Favourites whilst - you've guessed it - the iPhone is locked. This seems to override Allow Calls From Favourites and I cannot find a setting or whatever which will either disable the Silence setting or silence all calls except from Favourites when Do Not Disturb is manually enabled or timed.

I want to allow Favourites to call when Do Not Disturb is enabled as they are immediate family members who would only make emergency calls "out of hours"

Can anyone help me to resolve this?

Ta ever so muchly in advance.
Well, I had hoped that at least one iOS13.5.1 User would know the answer but, alas, it seems not except for an off-board suggestion by The Major.

Nevertheless, one of the privileges of being a Moderator is that I can look at deleted posts so I checked on that posted and then deleted by AonM and, although it didn't answer the question directly, it did lead me on a previously untrodden path to a work-round.

It isn't an answer as to why Favourites doesn't currently work for me as my Settings appear the same as The Major's unless I am overlooking the bleeding obvious but it appears that you can, within the Contacts app, get your Emergency Contacts to bypass the Do Not Disturb setting and preliminary testing seems to suggest that that is working.

However, Emergency Contacts are not necessarily the same as Favourites so does this work-round jog any memories or suggest something to iOS13.5.1 Users which might set me on the right track?

In the meantime I have emailed Apple and they have promised a reply within 48 hours.
JohnJ of HM wrote:
Sat Jul 04, 2020 6:37 pm
I must now be the only one left without a smart phone then iBozz. Having said that, when I eventually deem it safe enough to go to the pub, I may not be able to order a pint without one. So even I may be forced into it.

I am led to believe that neither Danny Baker nor Stephen Fry have one so you are in good company. I've had a mobile, reluctantly at first, since Her Ladyship wasn't too well and more recently have always had a rugged phone because backstage is an unforgiving place and dropped, kicked, trodden on or otherwise abused phones are the norm. As it is, I have a Zagg rugged case and impact resistant screen guard which are said to withstand drops of 15 feet and direct screen impact. When this Government realises that the performing arts sector is almost near collapse and needs urgent help then I may be able to get backstage again and put Zagg's claims to the test.

A word of warning: beware nine year old Granddaughters, they are an unstoppable force when they set their minds on something - resistance is futile.

MikeGC wrote:
Sat Jul 04, 2020 7:27 pm
I’m a iOS13.5.1 user on an iPhone SE but didn’t have an answer.
I tend to mute my speaker with the little switch.
Using that method when my my favourites call or send a text message I still receive an alert.

That's a thought and another possible workaround and I shall experiment. However, I thought that the switched silenced absolutely everything.
iBozz wrote:
Sat Jul 04, 2020 7:41 pm
... However, I thought that the switched silenced absolutely everything.
Nope. It's more of a hint. For one thing, I have never managed to find a way to silence the beep when you plug in to charge. Some ill-behaved apps will make a notification sound, even during DnD or with the side switch set to silent - it's why I generally turn notification sounds off for all but a select few apps.
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