As posted elsewhere, YC are going through a very difficult time at the moment. Off the pitch they have arrangements to make with creditors (with a 28point deduction hanging over them) and on teh pitch (if I've read it right), they have a massive depleted squad.

A while ago, it was announced that Sale had reached a partnership/agreement with YC (if my memory is working right), does anyone know anything more about it ?
Nothing has been confirmed as far as the public is aware but it said in the rugby paper last weekend that the two clubs were in contact about players. Currently YC have no players and are looking for part-timers their new DoR said.
A while back I mooted the academy guys who we may lend them but it depends on how seriously we want FC promoted. Also, YC have lost their academy (taken over by Leeds Beckett Uni) so I imagine any deal’s terms would be dependent on if we could get first pick of their kids.

Wilkinson (if fit)
N Pope

The whole senior academy really, especially as they may be part-time. Depends on the rules of many can be dual registered though (10 in any match day 23).
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I doubt SS can help unless Carnegie have now refinanced.... Finances have always tended to be critical in the past.
I seem to remember that Manchester had several Sale Jets players on loan/dual registered at the time of their financial difficulties.
They were to a significant degree 'the core' of the side, and they were immediately withdrawn or perhaps declined to play themselves (Manchester simply couldn't pay them), inevitably leading to our slide down the leagues from National One. It's pretty standard that the club they play for pay them a large chunk of, if not all, their wages and insure them against injury.
This may be the article that I was originally thinking about
https://www.therugbypaper.co.uk/domesti ... -carnegie/

"Meanwhile Sale Sharks director of rugby Steve Diamond and operations manager Paul Smith met with Carnegie officials last week to discuss ideas that might be of mutual benefit.

Diamond is keen to grow the Sharks brand across the North and one of the plans is to hold a select number of games at the recently renovated Headingley Stadium, Carnegie’s home ground.

Diamond is also keen to have an interchangeable player pathway between the clubs which would give academy players on both sides of the Pennines much-needed competitive game time.

Carnegie would be able to tap into a Sale Sharks player and coaching pool as they look to hastily assemble a squad and coaching team from scratch in time for the start of the 2019/2020 season, away to Nottingham in the Championship Cup on the weekend of September 20/21/22."
Lots of scathing comments on the Rolling Maul Forum about YC. Particularly non payment of staff and players particularly those recruited last season from near and far who kept them in the Championship. Plus leaving the players personally liable for medical bills.

RFU don't come out well particularly when you compare them to Richmond who have just been narrowly relegated yet have managed their finances well.

All a bit smelly really.
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It appears that player medical bills have now been paid by a generous benefactor so full credit to them for their generosity! :joy:

There still appears to be the issue that Yorkshire don't have a squad, outside of Joe Ford and the Academy, although that link is now pretty tenuous. It's not pleasant to witness and you have to feel for the Leeds/Yorkshire fans who must feel helpless to prevent disaster. The North needs at least three strong, professional RU clubs and without Newcastle in the Premiership; I honestly don't think this will help the sustainability of the sport at the upper echelons in the region.
According to Fissler in last Sunday’s TRP Bath boss Stuart Hooper (formerly 5 years ar Leeds) is “sending the cavalry to Carnegie”. Amongst a “host of players” Fissler suggests that Mike Williams, newly arrived from Tigers, will go on loan.

Not quite sure how this stands alongside “Sales new partnership”?

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