By Olyy
Hill will need a big game - and I would've started WGJ, but strong side in general

Ashman vs Dolly will have some spice off the bench, academy team mates n that
Alex wrote:
Thu May 06, 2021 12:13 pm
Good looking team that, do we know what the matter is with Jono?
12 week stand down for concussions
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By Alex
Thanks @Olyy, good to see there's precautions. Suppose it's our area of strength so it's less of a miss than it might have been
By Clutch
Not sure Ross would get in the 15 to be honest!!

Coenie has been much better of late. Happy for him to be starting.
By Olyy
Kelly has looked superb for Tigers

Kind of annoying that we didn't sign him because we already had Cam Redpath and Luke James as senior academy/recent academy graduate inside centres - then one left and the other switched to fullback!
By stevene
much rotated tigers team.

hill back at centre, lets hope defensively he is solid and offers more ball in hand. pack is pretty much selecting itself, esp with Josh B fit and I agree Coenie looks a bit better recently. hopefully Ben C isnt too far away so we can rest and rotate his brother.

whilst I can understand Hammersley and James rotating pretty much every week as one isnt standing out form wise I dont think its doing much for Luke if I am honest. If he is develop would rather see them get 2/3 games in a row at 15.

would like to see Wilkinson get some more time off the bench. he was a potential talent pre injury so interested to see where he is now.
By stevene
quite a big list missing for tigers?

G Ford
T Youngs

Plus Cobus's brother and Green benching.

Clearly Borthwick and Axe like to rotate their teams looking at recent tigers teams.
By Van Cannonball
I’m a bit concerned about the AJ/Hill combo, especially when we can’t rely on the forwards to overpower the Leicester pack, and no Reed for some attacking spark. Shame Val isn’t included as I thought he made a real difference off the bench last time.

Still it’s a strong team that will hopefully see us through.
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By poyntonshark
I share the concern, but also kind of glad that Hill is being given another chance. He came in for plenty of criticism and I was one of the critics, but he mostly played when the whole team was underachieving. He probably deserves a go when more are on form.
By DaveAitch
If there is rotation, it's no great surprise that players are rotated. There is always going to be one group which is made up of first choice players, and another of (apparently?) lesser lights. Anyway, each side has a hard nosed Northerner in charge, although one of them seemed to have a cut nose every time he played.
By chris1850
poyntonshark wrote:
Thu May 06, 2021 4:40 pm
I share the concern, but also kind of glad that Hill is being given another chance. He came in for plenty of criticism and I was one of the critics, but he mostly played when the whole team was underachieving. He probably deserves a go when more are on form.
It is fair enough to give Hill another chance, I agree, for the reasons PS states. However, he does need to take it now, for me. With our two first choice IC's unlikely to feature for more than 1/2 season each then we desperately need a third option that can be relied on to step up. If that can't be Hill, then I would like to see Doherty given a few games. His one showing so far suggested that he he is worth having another look at, though I accept that he is still young and raw. Cam hasnt done so badly since being trusted at Bath.
By Clutch
We should but they have been hard to come by. Not confident with AJ Hill axis but Hill deserves a shot and AJ has been playing well and continues to improve.

If we are comfortably up we have an exciting young bench to bring on.
By Elgar
I've criticised Hill enough on here so am not going to double down on that.

But I would say that to be fair to Doherty, based on his comparative performances this year, it's he that deserves to start whenever Tuilagi and RVJR are both unavailable/rotated.
By Clutch
I agree but on the same note the squad has to be used. Hence Cliff playing last time out for example. Quirke clearly ahead but they all need gametime and the youngsters need managing carefully.

Tigers pretty physical as well so perhaps Hill a better option if he shows his Chiefs form
By Olyy
Decent start!

If Umaga had put in that floated pass out to McGuigan BT would never shut up about it!
By StalyShark
Well, not much to say other than very dominant in all facets so far. I’m sure they’ll make it more “interesting” soon...
By Olyy
The wheels are still on but they were definitely wobbling in that last 10

Trying to play a bit too much at the end - I can understand the confidence as everything was going so right early on, but not needed calmer heads at times
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By poyntonshark
Well, it was all going so well, then Luke puts in a horrible pass, then AJ an even worse one and it's all gone a bit pear-shaped. Axe seems to be able to find the right words at half time, I'm sure he'll put them back on track.
By Olyy
Evens out for the rough ride Leicester got in the first half, to be fair

Faf in fine form tonight - erratic, eclectic but effective
By Olyy
Didn't realise Harper had come on to the bench

Some first scrum for him!
Remember him winning a penalty in his previous game - that's a hell of a scrums vs penalties won ratio
By Olyy
Definite wobble either side of half time, but overall a good game

Defence ferocious, very very impressive
AJ and Faf partnership is growing and maturing into something special

Academy lads all had good performances off the bench - Harper is definitely one to keep an eye on for the future
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By poyntonshark
That'll do. In true Sale style we made it more difficult than it needed to be, but enough margin to avoid it being proper squeaky bum.

Worried about josh though.
By StalyShark
Impressive performance from Tigers too, really showed up in the second half with lots of heart. Only upset by lionhearted defence from the 13.
By Van Cannonball
Very competitive game, both sides very aggressive in defence. Thought Foley allowed them much more latitude on the floor for turnovers though, especially Murimurivalu.

Faf insane energy and AJ really good, esp 1st half. Inside passes and chips.

Du Preez twins won the Saffa physical battle.

Yarde and Byron super commitment.

Raffi looked great again off the bench.

Just a shame about the yellow period.
By Olyy
Yarde was superb, especially as he played a fair chunk of the second half with some sort of injury (looked to be maybe a pec injury? or rib?)

Like Axe said, post game, the tries are obv. nice, and they're what you notice the most from a winger, but his defence was excellent, and his workrate on kick chases and offering himself as a carrier off his wing etc. is through the roof
By Surbiton_Shark
Usual great defence- poor attack and any other of the top 4 would have had a bonus point try win

Top highlight was Akker throwing in to our turned receivers back -:)

Luke James form really is a concern

Need Rohan or Manu back for every minute of our remaining games if we really want to be competitive

Ashman was great when he came on, ditto Quirke and Harper

Weird really this week and last week resulted in wins but just a performance which is not great. We clearly enjoy defending more than attacking.
By DavenportSharky
Well another extraordinary match which has aged me further. Now feel about 99! Why do so many defending premiership players put their hands on the floor in front of the try line or back feet of the ruck? We would have been far better conceding the try in the first place and not gone for so much kamikaze tackling. Foley’s arm was out far more times in those couple of minutes than the indicator on a Morris minor. If Luke’s hand had not conceded the penalty try then another forward was surely going to the bin. I understand why we wanted to accumulate a lead but if we had kicked for the corner during that first 30 minute spell of total territorial domination then we might have had a bonus point try by half time as we outmauled them all night. I thought Faf was extraordinary. He was my MoM. I thought the survival of the double yellow was incredible. They played like men possessed. Tigers are no pushover these days and they might have been tricky with Ford instead of their hopeless 10. Hill contributed more than previously. Ashman and Harper look the business. Hope their contracts are long. Still put money on one or two post Covid syndrome?Luke?? Eddie needs to cap Bevan pronto.
By Van Cannonball
Not convinced all the other top 4 would’ve had a bonus. Leicester defence was super aggressive and I think both Bristol and Quins could’ve struggled with that if they didn’t get early scores.

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