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By ShawSharkRedemption
Kicking my feet waiting for the team announcement and reading the rebranding issues
on other sites, it occurred to me that Sale could rebrand with a more culturally appropriate
North West symbol.
Came up with a few but the simplest, cost-effective and regionally significant one I thought of was Sale Snails. Same alliteration, chant " Snaiyuls, Snaiyulls, Snaiyuls" would not have to change (much) and the logo just needs the the tip of the fin to be brought round into a spiral ?
What do you think, would it run ( well sort of slide ) ?
PS my sheds are full of snails moving in for the winter
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By Surbiton_Shark
Don't get me starting on snails and slugs..........spent the latter part of this summer trying to stop them from absolutely totalling all the veg I loving started planting/nurturing from April.....

spoiler alert - I lost. It was a bit like Sale's last try versus Gloucs from the rolling maul.......only I was Gloucs


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