So yet again another Sale player is crocked on International just seems to keep happening.
Sorry for Manu of course, but he does seem so injury prone even when SS have been limiting his appearances for just that reason. Even being the immense player he is ,and I understand he is also great at mentoring the younger players at the club, one might wonder on pure business terms if he is worth retaining at a presumably high salary level.? Sure that view will be controversial with many though.
By DaveAitch
Some players are just unlucky with injury. I do think that overtraining and building up body bulk has a lot to answer for.
Then you have players like Nick Easter who played three and a half thousand games (possibly a slight exaggeration) without bring injured.
By 45jumper
I don't disagree that on the face of things he represents relatively poor value for money, but if he's fit for the big games, his experience and x-factor is extremely important. We also get compensation if he gets injured playing for England, so it's not all bad.
By ejndavid95
I said when seeing his leg strapping he didn’t look like he should be playing and surprise surprise…

How many players, not just Sale lads, is that now that’ve been crocked when with England, it needs addressing.
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By PappjeShark
DaveAitch - Manu has specifically shed bulk, as has Rohan, in part to try and reduce injuries. And as EJN notes, he was clearly strapped there and so a gamble was taken. Really frustrating.
By Olyy
Obviously this is bad news for us but I feel for Manu as well - must be rough, mentally, to keep breaking every time you're getting back to top form

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