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By iBozz
Several moons since, we played Harlequins at EP in a snowstorm, not long after Pizzagate if I recall.

There was an excellent photograph published, taken from somewhere in the Prawn Sarnie stand and looking towards the Printerland Stand, showing the game taking place on a pitch covered in snow.

I've lost that photograph! :doh:

Does anyone have a copy which they could email to me (at, or maybe know where on-line I can find it? My searching has been hampered a tad by my being unable to recall on what date, or even in which year, the game took place.

Any jpgs, links to on-line copies or other help would be very much appreciated.

Ta ever so muchly in advance.
By Lord Elpus
It took me 3 hours to get home and to add insult to injury I missed the Devil's Arse Carol concert . Irene refused to pay back as 6 (just 6) had actually turned up for it.

Here is one in the public domain:-

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By iBozz
Thanks, Major, I hadn't seen the one you emailed to me before now!

chris1850, I'll let the Major respond as I don't know who owns the copyright.

Thanks, Lord Elpus, that's the specific one that I had in mind. I used to have a copy and yet can't now find it either on my HD or in any of my back-ups.

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