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By Mike Flitcroft
Best Betting site for live streaming? Bet 365 looks OK any suggestions?
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By dinogyro
Bet365 hasn't been live streaming the Premiership games this season, even though they did last year. They pretend that they do, by adding a little 'play' button next to the games, but when the game starts, you only get their graphical representation of the live game.

Mind you, I find their website very confusing, so I might be doing something wrong!
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By Margin_Walker
Yep, Bet365 don't seem to have games anymore.

Unibet do now have GP games though, which seems to work fine.
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By Alex
Best streams I've found are done by Rugby Pass but you just have to go through a streaming website to find them. You'll need an ad blocked but the quality is perfect and you can play them in full screen
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