I dont think ive missed more than one home game in about 10 years. I go to about 1/4 of away games where family allows.

I wont be renewing my ST next year.

Also. I DONT think I know more than Sanderson. Thats not the point. I *DO* know hes not up to it, and it is on the leaders of the club to make a change and appoint someone better.
Well based on the vitriol I got on here in Diamond's last full season where people used the fact he finished one point and one place lower in the league as 'Proof' of him failing, I think I'm entitled to claim i "Do" know hes not up to it. :)

I miss those days where two of the Board's regulars were convinced I *WAS* Steve Diamond. I'm not, by the way, but I wish I had his wallet.
It feels a bit of a shame to be readying to go to today’s game but on balance expecting us to lose each of the final 3 home games based on current form.

I wonder whether Axe’s plan to go full bore with limited rotation up to the 6N eventually cost us once the injuries mounted, in contrast with other sides who seemed to rotate more. He committed to a plan and perhaps it hasn’t paid off, particularly when you consider the absentees in the pack.

Next season is the one to consider for me. If it turns out the same as this, more questions might legitimately be asked. This season has turned out disappointingly since Christmas, however there’s plenty of credit in the bank for me.
By RinTin
eBike wrote:
Fri Mar 29, 2024 12:32 pm
Yes, he started this season really well but recently picked up a nasty Achilles injury that's going to keep him out of the 23 for a long time. He's got massive potential but has been in the shadow of Moanga until he (Moanga) took a sabbatical in Japan. Ridley Hohepa is now the starting 10.

Burke (probably) heading to Saracens has not been well received locally but good luck to him. :clap:
And it's confirmed - Burke to Sarries.
Not sure where to put this, so replying here as it covers several other threads.

Exeter very good. Shows what we can achieve.
Ospreys - just abysmal. Ive read the Ospreys thread and people talking about how solid we were first half etc. It was an embarrasment to the club, and an insult to the spectators who travelled.

If we think its a player issue, or a ref decision, or anything else... consider this:

It is a cup competition. Losing BP etc are meaningless. We are playing a Welsh region. The equivalent of getting drawn against the Nag's Head in the Fac Cup third round. We are gettign hammered, outplayed and out thought. Somehow we still have a chance with a converted try to win the game... 5 minutes left. In the opposition half.

I have the screenshot to prove it, if only I knew how to upload, but guess what we do with solid possession in the opposition half with 5 minutes to go with no consequences to not scoring, but everything to gain..?

Box kick.

Thats our 'system'.
Oh Danny Boy liked this
By dinogyro
I don't like the box kick in the oppo half. Okay, the weather was bad and there was a chance of a knock-on, or a re-gather, but I think holding on to the ball may have been better. Saying that, we didn't look that dangerous with ball in hand either!

Couple of thoughts on Reed: his instinct is to go inside each time he gets the ball on the wing. This time he used his pace, went outside and burned his opponent (I hope I'm thinking of the right game here!). Secondly, he has a tendency to arrive into contact unsupported (because of his speed), but also upright, which leads to him being held up. I hate that law as I think it encourages upright tackling and discourages faster, lighter players.

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