Fill in the blank spaces with the name of a UK Fooball team- the number of letters is shown.

The sun shone -----(8) the day we set sail for the ------(6) in a ship with a ------(4) riddled with holes.
We sailed down the river which------(5) to the sea and we waved to the fair maiden leaning against the ------(8).
The------(5) was made up of Scots, Irish and others of the ------(6) race. The exception was the cabin boy who was named ------(12) whose job it was to ------(5) the boilers. He was illiterate, but won our------(6) with his ------(8) efforts to improve his ------(7).
He was sent to ------(8) by the villains on board, who had brought their------(7) of weapons. They were a rowdy lot and when drunk they did in fact------(7) furniture.
The voyage made my ------(10), who had not had a holiday ------(6) too long.
We landed------(6) in the day on the ------(8) of the island, below where the locals------(4) their dead.
We crossed a stream and entered a dense forest where the------(6) roamed freely. We ------(7) regardless and eventually met a group of ------(7) dressed in ------(7) green.
After a day's journey, we caught some black fish in a ------(9) and tried to get milk from a herd of cows, but they objected to having their ------(12).
At last we came to our destination, the home of the Hawaiian monarch, the ------(5,2,3,5).
She greeted us with a friendly------(5) but was obviously upset as her ------(7,6) had been smashed when the ------(7) fell down.
While her ------(9) was being built, she had to live in a sumptuous------(5) .
When we found the treasure, we put the ------(5) on the ship, determined to put it straight in the ------(9) when we got home.
That night we ate some ------(6) cake and some ------(7) buns for tea, but also some------(6) which made us ill.

37 available points. Clues available when you are sick of it!
I've got one of them! Just another 36 to go. As an aside, Bill Kenwright, of Everton, apparently tried to help to finance that club through a difficult period, but was not allowed under EFL rules.
Just got another, thanks to an old I'M sorry I'll read that again sketch.

This will give me something to do in and idle moment. Nice one, as they say, wrinklie.
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