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By poyntonshark
Ludicrous. Some in the game have been trying to get this in for a while. Was apparently seriously discussed as an option before RWC2019. Seems to me to be saying they don't trust referees to get sendings off right. I agree that red cards can ruin games, but they are supposed to be a punishment for serious foul play. Energy could be better spent on improving referee training, or clarifying laws to help refs more.
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By iBozz
Utter rubbish. the game appears to be going to hell in a handcart these days, far too many changes are altering the very essence of the game.

"Damn, we've used all our replacements yet want to make another substitution. Coach - sorry, I should have remembered that you are pretending to be a water boy again - run on the field and tell "X' to lamp the Ref, will you. We'll get 'Y' on that way".
By eBike
Sky are (supposedly) showing the Kiwi round robin Super Rugby matches starting June 13th, two games back to back. Plus there's a chance to see Dan Carter turn out for the Blues as well.

I'll wait to see how the "trialling" goes as the 20 minute red and replacement is not the most important one imho. I'm more interested in the moves to stop offsides, immediate rolling away by the tackler and the "one movement" placing of the ball by the tackler.
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