There's talk that the group stages will now be called off and the tournament will go straight to 16 team knockouts, top 8 from each group

We're in 8th in group a!
Champions cup knockouts, these are dizzying heights
At first I thought why not play the games with no French clubs involved? These would help the inevitable more crowded fixture list later on. Then, perhaps with the strong media interest correctly picking up on the behaviour of professional sport that is being allowed, then maybe a lower profile for a couple of weeks is no bad thing. Let football take the criticism!
The team last time we faced Lyon (won 15-13 at home, after losing 27-24 away a few months prior)

SALE: Haley, Solomona, Addison, Janse van Rensburg, Yarde, James, Cliff, Flynn, Jones, Aulika, Nott, Ostrikov, Neild, Seymour, Ross

Replacements: Webber, Harrison, Tarus, Beaumont, Postlethwaite, B Curry, Charnley, James
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