By Olyy
Another good article from KC: ... n-5-9-2023

Main talking points:
DDP and Cobus due back in the latter stages of the Prem Cup (rounds 3-5),
LCD on course for the start of the prem,
Raffi back in full training this week (didn't realise he was injured!) - up for selection pending how his body reacts to full training
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By FarnhamShark
I hope he's right about Bamber and Groves - they could be the mainstay of our pack for years to come, but they need to step up from last year's level.
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By Yareet
FarnhamShark wrote:
Wed Sep 06, 2023 11:09 am
I hope he's right about Bamber and Groves - they could be the mainstay of our pack for years to come, but they need to step up from last year's level.
On the Shark Tank pod academy special, Bamber was singled out by Ferg, Tristan and Connor Doc as being one to watch this season.
By RinTin
Olyy wrote:
Wed Sep 06, 2023 5:35 pm
KC interview with Ben Curry as well, who could be back for the start of the Prem ... w-5-9-2023

With the talk of captaincy it'll be interesting to see who the armband goes to in the Prem cup with both Currys missing and Jono retired
Josh B? Rob du Preez? Maybe someone like Dugdale?
Sam James for me. He'll be playing well into October/November before Ford and Manu return so will get plenty of game time. Academy boy, heaps of experience and I think may have captained once or twice in the past when captains have been subbed.
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By Olyy
He did cross my mind as well, for those reasons

My money is going on Dugdale, thinking about it - he captained in the Prem cup last season and I think he's very likely to be involved in every game (backrow is where we feel the first team absences the most) - I could see a backrow of Dugdale, Woodman, Birch getting a lot of minutes

Centre I imagine we'll be looking to get Sam Bedlow and Connor Doherty up to speed so there'll be more rotation there

Though captaincy could just be on a game by game basis rather than looking at who's likely to be there the most - BC does mention Ross H, Ernst VR and Josh B as part of the senior leadership group (as well as J.Hill who might feature towards the tailend)
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By RinTin
Perhaps we will see a club captain appointed with another the matchday captain?

Always found it slighlty odd, but it has been done before. Think Bath did it with Guy Mercer a few seasons back.
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By poyntonshark
Will obviously depend on selection policy for prem cup games, early ones could see very different teams. I think, when Ben was absent last season, that Rob DP was next in line. Josh B is thereabouts too but not played so much. I agree that both Sam James and Dugdale likely to be involved in most of the prem cup games.
By Elgar
Would seem strange to me to see much of Sam James in the Prem Cup. We know exactly what we've got there and he'll be ready to do that from the first day of the league season. What might need a bit of experimentation is whether Tom Curtis fits in as a 10 or a centre, whether or where Doherty might fit in after returning from long term injury, whether Luke might be covering centre as well as if not instead of fullback, where Sam Bedlow might fit in after signing (re-signing), whether or where Maasi-White might be ready to step up and possibly same question for the younger Bedlow.

To play Bedford at home I'd like to see the backline looking something like this:

Reed or Roebuck or TOF

Warr or Rafi
Two of Wills, Maas-White, Sam James or RDP
By Olyy
Good interview with Jamie Langley: ... -28-9-2023

Injury updates:
DDP and Raffi should feature in the next couple of weeks
Cobus could be back for the final prem cup game or opening week of the Prem (massive boost, I wasn't expecting to see him until the end of the year or maybe even January)
Ben Curry round 2/3/4ish of the Prem
LCD possibly opening round of the Prem
Tommy Taylor same as LCD. I didn't realise he was coming back from a serious injury, Langdon Jr's involvement makes more sense now. Gonna be a shock to the system going from no senior hookers to having LCD/Taylor/Creevy all back at the same time
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By Olyy
Interview with Axe: ... 10-10-2023

Injury updates:
LCD still being monitored for when he can return, patience needed
Ben Curry - "week 4 is realistic"
Veainu back training today after a knock to the knee
Luke had surgery on a dislocated shoulder - same procedure DDP had in the off season
Flats got a deadleg vs Ampthill

Be interesting see who's in the 23 shirt if no Veainu, Luke or Flats (not sure how bad a deadleg needs to be to keep someone out, but JLdP missed a game with one)
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