By Bucks1861
Manu has broken the metacarpal in his right hand. Did it first against Samoa and again in the 3rd place game v Argentina. Out for 4-6 weeks. But we hope to have him for Stade Francais on Dec 10th.

Manu committed to keep playing for England.

Sale Director of Rugby Alex Sanderson said:

“Manu’s got a plate in his hand from a fracture from the World Cup. He is going to be out for four to six weeks. Knowing Manu, it will be three to five.

“He broke it against Samoa and then broke it again in the third place play-off. It is just collateral damage from playing in the World Cup.

“I asked him: ‘How was it Manu? Are you hanging up your international boots?’ He was like: ‘You will have to put me down physically, lethally inject me, to stop me playing international rugby’. He is loving it at the moment.”

LC-D to make debut on Saturday.
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