Oh dear.

Acute bongitis is my diagnosis.

Shame he thinks it necessary to go to Harley Street where the main motivation is making money. There is a common fallacy that it’s better there than anywhere else but far from it. The facilities and concentrated expertise at Wrightington, Oswestry, Royal Orthopaedic in Birmingham and even The Royal National Orthopaedic at Stanmore are far superior. Sir John Charnley invented the hip replacement in Manchester and Derek McMinn hip resurfacing in Birmingham (currently suspended for keeping body parts). Sir Robert Jones was the pioneer of modern orthopaedic surgery, had a metatarsal fracture named after him and his hospital is named after him in Oswestry. Sir Harry Platt was Professor of Surgery at the Manchester Royal Infirmary and founder of the Royal Orthopaedic Society. Truly the orthopaedic expertise outside London far exceeds that within Harley Street.
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I think the RFUs head of medical practises out of Harley Street so it's probably an England thing

Disappointing to hear he's going to be out for a while, but hopefully a bit of time on the side means he can have a clear run for the rest of the season - he was clearly playing through injury for England with the way he was moving when leaving the pitch ("dicky hip" makes sense from the way he was walking)

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