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By iBozz
I intend these Calendars to be comprehensive, although I rely on the SS, SFC and other websites and sources (not all of which are either comprehensive or up-to-date) and also on you telling me where I am wrong, whether by omission or commission.

If you notice mistakes of any type (such as the game a few terms ago which I had lasting several weeks, not just a couple of hours!) then please either Message me or email me at and I'll get the error(s) corrected as soon as possible.

For the subscribable calendars below, you will need to copy the URL into your own Calendar app's preferences or whatever. I can't help you there as each OS and Calendar client is different. On macOS Catalina (and probably earlier macOS versions) you can either go to Calendar > File > New Calendar Subscription and then enter the relevant *.ics link below or click the link below and it will download the required *.ics file, then double click that and it should load into your Calendar app of choice.

For the Browser version, merely follow the link directly.

Sale Sharks, Sale Jets and Sale Under nn (if I can get information on the last, it has tended to be very last minute):

Subscribable calendar: ... /basic.ics

Browser based version: ... FLondon`SS

Sale FC & Sale 1861

Subscribable calendar: ... /basic.ics

Browser based version: ... e%2FLondon

E&OE, Caveat Emptor, etc.
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By iBozz
I have updated the Calendar for the remaining SS games but, as yet, there are no signs of SFC returning to the field of play. Where the matches are available on TV or on-line I have added that information and I shall try to keep the remaining fixtures up to date if and when things change.

There is currently a slight inconsistency with the SS fixtures and I shall correct the Calendar, if that is needed, when I get clarification.

I have assumed that fixtures will all take place at the normal home Stadium of the host Club but, due to C-19, I can't guarantee that that is correct.

if you spot any errors or notice changes to the information before I do then please let me know.

Ta ever so - and keep safe.
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By MikeGC
iBozz wrote:
Thu Aug 06, 2020 10:51 am
but, as yet, there are no signs of SFC returning to the field of play.

Ta ever so - and keep safe.
I have recently seen a note from the Lancashire RFU stating that we WILL NOT be returning to "community rugby" before October (at the very earliest).
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By iBozz
I've added the 2020/2021 Premiership fixtures (albeit with the majority having dates and times yet to be confirmed) based on the assumption, of course, that fixtures are allowed to go ahead and will be played at the current home grounds.

I'll make any changes as and when news comes through but, in the meantime, please Message me with any errors of omission or commission.

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By iBozz
I have now added the recently formed Sale Sharks Women fixtures to the SS subscribable Calendar. In the absence of any information on the Iffy (an observation and not a criticism) I have assumed that all games will kick off at 3:00pm and that the venues will be announced closer to each game. I believe that the intention is to play all SSWomen's Home games at Sale FC, Heywood Road, Brooklands, Sale, Cheshire, M33 3WB but please check before each game as things could easily change.

E&OE, please point out errors of omission or commission, preferably by PM.

I hope to add the Jets and Academy fixtures to the SS Calendar and the Sale 1861 fixtures to the SFC calendar as and when fixtures are released but, in the current Covid-19 climate, that may be some little time ahead.

For the foreseeable future I presume that any and all games will be played behind closed doors so please check with the home Clubs before attempting to travel to any fixtures, whether they be at home or away.

If enough users would prefer the above additional teams to have separate calendars, rather than have them all lumped into the two calendars for the senior teams at SS and SFC, then please let me know and I'll think about separating them. It would be a bit of an administrative pain in the fundament, but it could be done.
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By iBozz
I'm hoping that this is only a temporary Google glitch but, after earlier today showing the SS/SSW and SFC/S1861 calendar information twice, Google Calendar is now displaying no information for either calendar.

I'll add tonight's score when the calendars are restored.

I'm assuming that it is a problem at Google's end and not mine, even though their service status currently shows no errors, as it isn't device specific because my iMac, iPad and iPhone are all affected.

Is anyone else having Google Calendar problems today?
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By iBozz
It came back properly a little later, Major. The Google calendar status page has shown a few user reported similar minor glitches over the past few days although Google themselves have acknowledged no problems.

Thanks for the heads up for Quins, now amended. I'll check through the other timings later and make sure that they all accord with the Iffy's interpretation of events.
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By iBozz
Sale FC & Sale 1861 and Sale Sharks & Sale Sharks Women calendars now updated for the 2021/2022 season in so far as fixtures have yet been published.

These are works-in-progress and will be updated as and when I realise, or you tell me, that there is further or incorrect information.

E&OE, please let me know where I have gone wrong!
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By iBozz
Please note that the Sale FC and Leeds game on 2 October is now at Home at Heywood Road and the return fixture on 29 January is away at Leeds. This is a change after fixture lists were printed.

All Sale FC home games will kick off at 2:30pm.
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By iBozz
Thanks, Major.

I have been unexpectedly awol this past week or more and took my eye off the ball.

Now corrected.
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By iBozz
2022/2023 Fixtures updated for Sale Sharks, Sale FC and Sale 1861.

Sale Sharks Women still to do, I’ll look for them when it’s a bit cooler.

As ever, E&OE so please PM me with any corrections.
By chris1850
Hi iBozz. For those of us that are technically challenged, please could you give step by step instructions as to how to get the 1st XV (only) fixtures onto Google calendar on an android phone. I already have a 'family ' calendar on it which was set up by my daughter but she's now bu****ed off to Canada for 3 months!

Thanks in anticipation!
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By iBozz
I’m not an Android user so don’t really know but I shall make enquiries.

If you mean without the women’s fixtures, when I’ve found them, SS Women are included on the same SS fixtures calendar as are Sale 1861 on the Sale FC calendar.

If anyone can jump in and help with Android then please feel free.
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By iBozz
SS and SSW are in the same calendar, you get both or neither.

SFC and 1861 are in the same, but different calendar, again both or neither.

If you subscribe only to SS/SSW you won't get SFC/1861 and vice versa.

If enough people ask, I could create two separate calendars for the women's teams but it would take a bit of work and I'm genetically an idle sod!
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By iBozz
Wounded, I am, wounded I say! :mrgreen:

Mine does update if your settings allow but I am reliant on either noticing or being told about changes and I’ve been out of action for a few months this year so probably missed some changes last term.

I’m not sure that my coding skills are these days still up to Quins’ standards. COBOL and ICL VME possibly, modern languages, alas, no. :yikes:
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By iBozz
I'll change them when I have time, getting SSW and SFC 1861 information is not always a simple task, alas.
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By iBozz
The 2023/2024 Sale FC fixtures are now on the Calendar. I have made a few assumptions until more detail becomes available:

1) All home game will kick off at 1430 and be played at Heywood Road;
2) All away games will kick off at 3:00pm;
3) The games will all be played on the Saturday.

These assumptions are based on what mostly happened last term, but just be aware there may be a few "late" changes as time progresses.


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