Good Morning,
My name is Jake Jones and I work for BT Sport and BT Rugby. We would love to have you on Rugby Tonight with us!

Shows take place on Wednesday evenings at our studio in Stratford, East London (Here East Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London E15 2GW) and we would like you to arrive anytime between 6 pm -7:30 pm as the show goes live between 8-9 pm.

All tickets are free and feel free to bring as many people as you would like – more the merrier! However, we do have a lower age limit of 16, so all audience members need to be 16 years and over.

Anyone who has consumed alcohol prior to the show will not be considered for involvement in a demo or challenges.

The dates we have available and with who will be on the show
20th May – Ugo, Sarra, Lawrence, Ben, and Brian (Lead up to HCC Final)
3rd June – Ugo, Sarra, Lawrence, and Ben (Lead up to Prem Round 22)
10th June – Ugo, Sarra, Austin, and Ben (Lead up to Prem SFs)
17th June – Ugo, Sarra, Austin, and Ben (Lead up to Prem Final)

Let us know which date works for you and we will get you booked in.

If you are interested in attending please feel free to email me on jake.jones@sunsetvine.com or at audience@rugbytonight.com

I look forward to hearing from you

Jake- Rugby Tonight Audience Team
GHA wrote:
Fri Mar 13, 2020 3:58 pm
ageinghoody wrote:
Fri Mar 13, 2020 3:53 pm
Sorry if this seems churlish, but it seems an odd time to be putting out this sort of invitation.
Obviously got time on their hands ;)
Even more obviously, studio guests are getting thin on the ground. I had a look at going in the early days of the show, but when I got to the details of getting back home afterwards I decided not to bother.
GHA wrote:
Fri Mar 13, 2020 1:40 pm
Rounds 12 to 20:

Exeter, Sale, Saints & Bristol - 6 matches
Quins, Tigers & Bath - 5 matches
Gloucester - 4 matches
Sarries, Worcester and Wasps - 3 matches

London Irish - 0 matches
Well, yeah, and let’s look at rounds 1 to 8 inc.

7 Glaws
5. Bath
4 Quins
3 Briz
2 Irish

Guess we all know who the unfashionable clubs are.

Incidentally, not the easiest stat to research, I found mine in a season opening preview in Gloucestershire live.com, where did you look for yours?
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