By A38
Some might say that there wasn't much particularly new, apart from Omar's grasp of a mountain of statistics, but there was certainly optimism about the new coaching team as a whole.

It will be interesting to read other posters' impressions in due course.

I think that AS and his team are to be praised for putting on the Q&A in these difficult times and having to use such an alien medium.
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By Latecomer
Just watched this, have to say I most impressed with Solly. He was the most animated and passionate I think I have ever seen him, seems genuinely exited about the future especially all the youngsters coming through. AS also certain we haven't seen the best of Melani Nanai yet, saying he got injured before he had really completed the transition from Super Rugby to Premiership Rugby.
Solly did remind us of the chasm between Cavaliers games and the Premiership and gave a strong hint at a change of style for the Cavs when we start playing rugby again, to make it less of a shock for players when asked to make the step up.
Academy Manager Mike Hall seems very switched on and more importantly well integrated with things.
The one thing I learned about Omar is that he is one hell of a fidget, very animated when talking (19 to the dozen) and couldn't keep still whilst the others were talking :caffine:
Seriously, Omar waxes lyrical about the benefits of a good kicking game and has a lot of stats to back up some convincing arguments to defend our kicking strategy.
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By patgadd
Yes, Omar's use of stats was eye-opening! I felt that the answer to my question re attack vs defence was fudged a bit, but I suppose it was the only answer they could give. Good session.
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By TeflonTed
Omar looked very uncomfortable for the first few minutes didn’t he. Nick Baxter’s fault for not getting him in quicker, but once he got started Omar was very interesting. The section on kicking stats. was very passionate, but still begs the question about our inability to convert opportunities into scores.

Not surprised to see Solly so positive and motivated, he always is. Those who haven’t had a face to face with him at ST question time sessions are missing a treat.

So far so good. We have a thriving academy, lots of young local eqp’s coming along, and a strong new coaching team for next year.( who are all, of course, “great blokes”). And if we had won 4 home games that we “should have won” (quote Solly) we’d be 5th.

And there’s the rub. We didn’t win those games, and we’re 10th. Again.

And in all the positivity of the Q&A session, there was nothing about why we continually fail to make the breakthrough, even though the failures are marginal, they are still failures, and we are where we are, and have been for the last decade or more.

Sound a little cynical doesn’t it, but really, we’ve heard it all before, and can only hope that one day the earnest endeavours of those ‘great blokes” and “good team players” we hear about will give us at least a modicum of real success. Which for me, would be to finish 7/8th next season, and stop Guscott, Ugo and the cheerful mob at TRP continually regarding us a perpetual no-hopers.

Well I’ve done my bit, East Stand P90 will have my name on it next year again, even if I might have to be clothed in bubble wrap and breathing through a filtered snorkel to sit in it.
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