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By TeflonTed
NotNots have been very blunt in publishing their view of the contractual situation haven’t they?

Clock ticking on the nickname as well, they’ll soon be in that London again, and to be fair they now have a couple of actual Paddies on the books.

Ideas needed.
By Brummagem Bertie
patgadd wrote:
Mon Jun 29, 2020 2:48 pm
A site called Rugby and the Law has decided to clarify (muddy?) the water a bit further: ... gulations/

It then stirs things up a bit more by adding a coda with the reminder that
"No Club…shall by any means whatsoever unfairly criticise, disparage, belittle or discredit any other Club…"

Love it!
Given Glaws admitted previous for tapping up, in the van Rensburg case, it might be a tad difficult for them to prove any criticism, disparaging, belittling, or discrediting by Oirish was unfair. :thinking:

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