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By TeflonTed
Yes, completely unexpected.

Solly’s words imply that he has been let go, and of course that he’s “a good bloke” which really doesn’t surprise does it!

Anyway, good luck to him, the track record of Wuss players going to Tigers is not particularly distinguished is it.
By g2forumsm
Although he was one of 3 players out of contract , so hasn't been a Worcester player for a month. Also ex Tigers academy, so no surprise some respects.
By Underdog
Best of luck to Ryan. He's put in a fair few shifts for us but with Owen stepping up to the first team properly, this is the right thing to do for both players.
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Good luck to him.

He was probably never going to get to a consistent starting berth, but was always a reliable understidy, and on his day capable of a brilliant game.

He heads up the M42 wih my thanks and best wishes.
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