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By west brom warrior
Yes pleasing to see the WN step out from behind press released articles from the club to making and asking some very valid points. Overall I am happy with Moulds as captain the lack of time he has spent at the club is not an issue for me it is about his mentality and leadership skills which are clearly impressing the coaches.
By FlipFlop
A more balance article than has been the norm, nudging at some of the issues supporters might seek some answers too. Clearly the WEN needs to ensure some dialogue with the Club so will never be a brutal as we might be in its post game game review. But this article does move from the 'cut and paste' methodology employed in recent time as the basis for an article.

It seems AS plans to talk about the Penalty count with the Ref Head (Tony Spreadbury) to establish how accurate recent penalty counts against us real have been. We've been here before under DR with such resolutions. But what good will it do? If the Pens are proven correct, then much for the Coaches to 'teach' errant players. Kitch Jnr may be absent in the next game given his 40 second cameo before seeing Yellow as an example as clearly Sir wasn't allowing for any factor to lessen his sanction on Sunday.

Heroic defence is one thing, but desperate defence is quite another. The sheer repitition and number of hits required in recent games has arguably knackered the players, leading to last minute / play defeats.

Last season when we nicking games at the death to give us much needed wins, these narrow squeaks probably covered over the fragile nature of the clubs 'recovery', and imo once clubs returned to their full compliments, our performances remained constant as we had few key absentees from the RWC, and as a consequence, our early season promise is tailing off of late.

Hopefully we can get some injured players properly and long term back in the mix to allow the bench to retain intensity of the start line up, when required. I think we can already see one or two leavers in the likes of Mills, Lance maybe even GJVV (not sure of his contract length) IMO, and maybe one or two other such as Fatiolofa (retirement due to injury.

We can use this season all we like to blood youngsters, but other clubs are using the freedom caused by Sarries demise to get a place in the league they otherwise might not expect i.e. London Irish, Sale and to some extent Briz, even though their owner did suggest 6th was their target this year which i scoffed at at the time. They've certainly put my thoughts on that where the sun don't shine. IMO, we need to be doing something similar with the remainder of the season, and whether its due to hard work, team ethic, fluke or a combo of these factors, lets strive for something much better than a wobbly 10th in the Prem by a LBP over whoever.
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By TeflonTed
It’s interesting how 3 close losses cause the predictable pendulum swing of opinion as to management and coaching. Solly was a hero, now he’s not. Hey Ho.

There’s so much more to it, and I’m reading more and more about the fundamental effect that Sarries’ confirmed relegation is having all over the league.

And if this gives us a clue as to how a ring-fenced premiership will operate then I think we’ll all be the losers. Not that I think for one moment that ring-fencing won’t happen, because I now feel it’s inevitable.

But with close observation of how it works in the pro14 where so often teams couldn’t give a toss about certain games, and where better players are clearly held in reserve for cup games, I predict that when it happens we’ll all breath a huge sigh of short term relief, and live to regret it for much longer.

Only time will tell, but we all suspect the fat lady is heading for the dressing room.
By FlipFlop

As per my previous post, last seasons wins were narrow enough to make any current season optimism fragile at best, despite it being on ofout best points hauls in many a season. Then I guess with a few early season results going our way folk,au have been thinking we were on the up.

Sadly it has not come to pass as hoped and a wierd early relegation outcome has done little other than create the quasi ring fenced league you allude to, which seems very meh and without any on field success to distract, then maybe team mgt will bit of supporter angst.

To coin Solly’s catchphrase, he’s a really good bloke but he’s not beyond some questioning is he?
If I precis some of this morning breakfast talk, we don't have a nasty streak. Now the supporters, that is something different !
As a squad we do have a dumb streak though.
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By TeflonTed
FlipFlop wrote:
Thu Feb 27, 2020 8:38 pm
Meh for me means something is not much good or I could live without it and the world would carry on spinning, kind of feeling.
Ah, in which case meh would do nicely.
I think with due respect the crowds have been doing that. But the players have to respond, the effort can't be faulted, but the skill, concentration and game planning can be.
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By YorkshireWarrior
I note that Mama will be out for 5 to 6 weeks with a torn muscle in his foot. I wonder why, in the last few minutes of last Saturdays game with a scrum on our 5 metre line, Mama hobbles off, so clearly not fit to continue, AS decided to replace Waller and effectively put us down to 14 men, with FH going onto the blind side flank. Surely it would have been better to scrum with 8 forwards even with a prop on the flank to allow FH to pressure the scrum half. I was quite astounded at the time and I said to my companion, I couldn't believe what I was seeing.
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