By A38
Exeter's Baxter is quoted in The Times today criticising pitches such as that at Sixways.

He refers to friction burns suffered by players and does not buy the financial argument about the pitch being used for other sports / events.

He also mentions soccer where such pitches are not allowed at the top level.
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By TeflonTed
Surely this needs more detailed analysis? Without spending any extra time googling, so purely from what I think I know, is it not the case that our pitch remains unique in that the infill is not rubber based?

Our infill is a ground coconut husk, which, as well as being much less likely to cause burns, also requires watering before games to maintain the correct “sponginess” of surface. Quite how this works in sub zero temperatures is another story. Antifreeze ?
That’s what I think I know, am I right? wrong or did I just make it all up?
By DaveAitch
One can be sure that if (for) Exeter (read any other club) had an artificial playing surface the DOR would be extolling its virtues.

Everton water the ground before the game, sometimes even when it's raining, so it's not just artificial pitches which need 'treating'.
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By poyntonshark
There has been some debate on this matter on our board recently too. There is ongoing analysis. The belief, backed by a reasonable and growing amount of evidence is that artificial surfaces in the professional game are causing more severe lower limb injuries. There are not more injuries, but those sustained take longer to recover. the friction burns are an issue, but generally of much lower concern.
By Underdog
Has there ever been anything definitive to say our pitch is more comfortable for players? I know that was the press release when it was installed, and that we get grouped in with Falcons, Cardiff and Saracens as having an artificial pitch, but I'd love to know if there's actually any difference.

Are our players permanently friction burnt, before even getting to PoyntonShark's point (poynt?)?

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