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By Alex
Slaphead wrote:
Thu Jun 27, 2019 7:33 pm
It is not much better than Sport Network regarding the spammy ads.
Bit harsh :doh: We have 4 ad locations and none of them are obtrusive videos
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By Gray_Lensman
I have no problem with it except that the sub-site title includes the word 'Bears' which is a source of irritation. Despite the pathetic efforts of marketing people we are Bristol.
By Peter D
Gradually, it looks as if this site is becoming the default for most clubs.

It's good to have all of the Premiership clubs here, and a single sign in for all of them. It appears to offer everything that Sportnetwork offered in a more attractive format (SN looks stuck in Windows 98).

It doesn't bother me much whether we move or not, but if we do this seems the right place to go.
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By TeflonTed
Wuss in peace.

What this site will do, which SN won’t, is to allow an instant click through to the external sites, ie Quins and the one I probably shouldn’t mention to you blokes.

A real benefit for those who like to keep up with t’other clubs, even Castle Grim!
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