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With having lots more traffic on this site now that we have over 400 members. It just seems much easier to interact with other posters and topics across the teams. its much more user friendly and i hope will lead to a much better, considered debate during the season. At the moment its a great friendly place to come and debate rugby. long may it continue. As a Falcons fan sadly no premiership for us but i look forward to being much more interactive with supporters as a "neutral" and hopefully making new friends who one day we may meet at matches in the real world.

Alex thank you for taking the jump and time to set this up.
Lets all make this work.
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By TeflonTed
Well said, I’m pretty confident that we’ve now got the vast majority of the more active Wuss posters on here , although sadly there is an attempt to keep the SN board going.
Shame, we all know that split forums don’t work.

Early signs are that traffic on here is increasing nicely.
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By Alex
If you do a month on month comparison for the first week of July and August then there's a 30% increase in users and a 37% increase in traffic which is a good sign!

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