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By Major Bloodnok
Some of you may have noticed that the upload limit on an avatar image is a bit small at 6kb. I certainly struggled to get one that wasn't JPEG-artifacted into unrecognisability.

If you have a gravatar account, then you can now use that to set your avatar. Makes it a lot easier to get a high-quality one.
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By Proflex
Could consideration be given to disabling animated avatars or signatures as they, in my humble opinion, make the site harder to read and are probably best left in the last decade....
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By Major Bloodnok
Regarding Gravatars, the options are on or off: there are no gradations of "on-ness", unfortunately. TBH, I wasn't even aware that animated Gravatars were an option. However, since I can't get my own picture small enough for upload here and still be legible, I won't be turning them off.

Signatures is one for @Alex, but I suspect that, again, they're either on or off.
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