By AdminBTCov
Sportnetwork has consistently failed to drag itself into the 21st century, sadly, resulting in fewer and fewer people using it.
Russ gave up on it last year, and I took over with the intention on nursing it gently to the grave.
However, it still limps on with a few hardcore contributors, and I have somehow managed to stop it going offline by adding regular fortnightly front page articles (increasingly difficult during the off season).
So, here's the plan. Along with a few other clubs (Prem at the mo, but hopefully a few Champ sides will join in eventually) we are now part of a brand new single-password 'network' of forums.
Much less clunky.
No requirement to add regular content to keep advertisers happy, as there are NO overbearing ads swamping the page! (A huge pain in the butt on the SN site I'm sure you'll agree).
Easy to check on other forums with its single sign-in giving access to read and write on all forums in the network as and when more come into use (this is really the only good thing about SN and where it wins for many people compared to 'stand-alone' forums.
Much friendlier, up-to-date software interface as a bonus!
There are other plusses as you'll see if you take a look.
Anyway, that's the first post. Let's hope for a good uptake.
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By turniphead
Watching you guys with a very keen interest this season.

Some real statment signings and a great interview with your General Manager in the Rugby Paper on Sunday.
By AdminBTCov
Not so sure about the 'statement' signings tbh. Yes, there are a few reasonably eye-catching, but not really ground-shaking.
Genuine consolidation will be the target. I think we'll leave the angst to Newcastle and Ealing. :mrgreen: :whistle:
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