Cricket score...the Saffers are in great form, and can’t be doing with men who drive silly little scooters around town wearing man-bags and double knotted scarves when it’s 30*C.

Saffers 50 - 10 Pasta Boys.

Not that I’ll be watching, just off to mind the Tardebigge Lock Flight for the day, before checking into 6Ways for early beverages this evening.

Mrs Ted will have to amuse herself today.
Badger wrote:
Fri Oct 04, 2019 8:36 am
SA to win by 25-30 pts.
Hi Badger

Can you give us your predicted score ?
If your aggregate score is closest to the aggregate of the real game, you'll win the EggCup and the adulation of rugby fans around the world :mrgreen:
FT SA 49 Ita 3 = 52

noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo............. the EggCup was pried from my fingers by the last move of the game.

Poyntonshark SA 42 v 10 Italy takes the EggCup (mutter, grumble, grouse, whinge, whine)
Flumpty wrote:
Fri Oct 04, 2019 8:20 pm
For Super Saturday

Aus 53 Uru 6
Eng 53 Arg 6
Jap 26 Sam 24

Based on the above and taking into account of the wind speed and direction over the English channel .......I go with...

Oz 44 v Urg 12
Eng 32 v Arg 24
Japan 36 v Samoa 16.

Victory from the jaws of defeat, there really is nothing sweeter. Breakfast this morning was fabulous.

Didn't realise Oz kick-off was so early. It's not finished yet, but wouldn't be fair to put in a score.

England 44 v 12 Argentina
Japan 28 v 12 Samoa
poyntonshark wrote:
Sat Oct 05, 2019 7:06 am
Victory from the jaws of defeat, there really is nothing sweeter. Breakfast this morning was fabulous.

Didn't realise Oz kick-off was so early. It's not finished yet, but wouldn't be fair to put in a score.

England 44 v 12 Argentina
Japan 28 v 12 Samoa
I hope that you don't choke on your breakfast to much :evillaugh: :evillaugh:
TeflonTed wrote:
Sat Oct 05, 2019 11:10 am
I just put the eggs on to boil. All I need now is an eggcup
& the EggCup is yours TeflonTed. Enjoy your delayed breakfastv :angel: :mrgreen:

My son is absolutely fuming - t'Cup was his before that final try and he was already into full gloat mode !!

leets see what the Jap vs Sam game brings
Thank goodness my lad got up late, as I didn't have to put up with his glating for long.

FT Fra 23 Ton 21 = 44 (so, so near for Tonga)

Flumpty Jnr Fra 27 Ton 13 =40
Poyntonshark Fra 42 Ton 6 =48
Both of you are 4 points are away, so the winner is the person closest to the "Home" teams score which is ..........................................Flumpty Jnr.

This is a disater of epic proportions, he's already gone running around the house holding an EggCup above his head whilst pointing as me and mouthing "loser" after game 1. He'll be looking for an announcement to be made at school tomorrow morning following his retention of T'EggCup.
Unfortunately Flumpty JNR has engraved the EggCup with his name so that his fame will last forever.
Sadly, he's also pitched in with his guess for the next round.

Faf & his mates 56 Lumberjacks 6
FT SA 66 Can 7 = 73

Please step forward............. me :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: . The EggCup stays in Cumbria.
I'll pop into Flumpty Jnrs school and give hime the good news.
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Hello folks

Its a triple bill EggCup update - I was up late today, so I've tried to catchup on all of the games before getting into EggCup mode, but it hasn't worked.

My son was HUGELY impressed with me last night after I did a full circle of the roundabout for my victory lap.

Game 1
Arg 47 USA 17 =64
The EggCup moves to poyntonshark, for the little while

Game 2
Sco 61 Rus 0 (I was just a tadge out with my score prediction !)
The EggCup gets handed to (this isn't hurting my fingers to type this) Flumpty Junior

& finally Game 3, where the winner can bask in their glory overnight
Wal 29 Fij 17 =46
This is a nightmare - he'll be walking home from rugby training tonight, the spawny so and so - Flumpty Jnr.
poyntonshark wrote:
Thu Oct 10, 2019 6:44 am
England 0 v 0 France
NZ 0 v 0 Italy

Under special rule 16/b/a/!!/bananaspongepudding, the organisers are looking into citing poyntonshark for a SERIOUS breach of the rules of EggCup, specifically, predicting the scores of games at a future date, when games at an earlier date have still to be played. A meeting will be held shortly, in which poyntonshark will be invited to attend - nonattending by poyntonshark will be deemed to be a very SERIOUS matter, where unlimited punishments and sanctions could be given to poyntonshark, upto and including sitting on the naughty step.
Depending on which airline poyntonshark chooses, he may well be able to claim that his journey to the citing hearing (presumably to be held somewhere in the Lake District) will be rendered impossible since his flight path crosses the track of certain a Typhoon.

IIRC the shark basks somewhere near St Kilda.

No Pat, not the little island somewhere near the frozen north of sweatie- sockland, but the one with a famous amusement park.

What on earth am I on about?
Not very near St Kilda actually, though granted, a darn sight closer to it than you are. I'm on the South coast of Western Australia. Can't quite claim flight path near Japan, Flumpty is better at geography than that. I will claim travel expenses, however.

Have such Egg Cup rules ever been published, m'lud.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. Can you all now pipe down whilst I explain how the process works :mrgreen:

I have used the RFU's disciplinary process manual as the basis of how the citing process works, given that everyone knows how fair and even handed that works. Copies of the manual can be obtained by leaving a large envelope of used £20 notes in a left luggage locker of my choosing.

After looking through the RFU's manual I have come to the following conclusions :-
even though several EggCuppees have lobbied on Mr poyntonsharks behalf, the excuse that he is on the other side of the world and walking uposide down and is unable to attend the very, very serious citing meeting is contemptible in the extreme.
Recently, the Lake District has opened up an international airport with just this sort of event in mind and for poyntonshark to not avail himself of its services shows that he is not taking the procedings seriously.
As such, under EggCup disciplinary rule 2.232/bgi/ii/£$"!/KendalMintCake/chocolate, the disciplinary meeting will go ahead as follows :-
The meeting will be held at The Sally, Irthington (this being the closest pub to Carlisle Lake District International airport) at 5pm tonight, which will give the condemned man aka poyntonshark plenty of time to attend the hearing.
Chairing the meeting will be His Rt Hon Lordship Sir Flumpty of Westmorland CBE, MBE, OBE, MFI, B&Q, KFC, PCWorld.
Sam Peters - Journalist and big fan of all things Sale Sharks.https://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/2018/ ... rts-stars/
My dog Sandie.

Judicial advice will be offered by I. Flogemandhangem, executioner for hire, who is bringing along his portable gallows.

If the soon to be incarcarated mr poyntonshark does not respond to paperwork that was sent to him several seconds ago, by the appointed time that I haven't decided on, then the Court will provide a proxy representative to take his place.

The clock is ticking.

Last edited by Flumpty on Thu Oct 10, 2019 3:21 pm, edited 1 time in total.
Silence in Court

Silence in Court

Despite being given more than adequate time to attend his citing like a true man, Mr PretendSkippypoyntonshark has not responded to these legally authorised hearings and a suitable proxy for him will now be appointed by the EggCup Citing Court.

The meeting will commence at 5pm, or sooner if we can all get out of work.
I have no choice but to throw myself on the mercy of this court.

I took the advice of my learned friend, Mr Teflon of Worcester, and availed myself of a seat on QuaintArse Flight QF9 from Perth to London. Arrived on Time, sped through Heathrow at breakneck speed and made my way to Southend, only to find just the one flight per day to Carlisle, which does not arrive until 17:40. Too late. Back to central London and the ever efficient Rail network. London Euston to Carlisle due in at 16:01, plenty of time. Pleasant journey until Swindon, then disaster.


Fortunately, no-one was injured, the relevant engineering teams were almost done dealing with that particularly nasty bout of the wrong type of snow just south of York in December 1985, but still couldn't make Swindon until "sometime in November". Thwarted. I had no further option but to return home.

I apologise profusely to the court and accept whatever punishment the venerable gentlemen deem suitable.

By the way, why on earth did you let them call your airport CAX?
Flumpty liked this
To represent Mr poyntonshark, the Court has selected a Mr S Diamond of Sale, Nr Manchester.

Whilst being sworn in, Mr D was heard to say "no you've got that all wrong - we send our criminals to Australia, the Australians don't send them to us".

Once Mr Peters arrives, the hearing will commence. I think that I can see his car arriving now, Mr Peters is being accompanied by his emotional support animal.

for Instant Press Release..........................................

the result of the EggCupComp citing are in and the case against Mr Poyntonshark has been found to be "not proven" and he is free to carry on taking part in the 2019 RWC EggCup challenge, although the citing committee did issue him a warning into his future conduct as they consider him to be to cocky by half.

The hearing didn't run smoothly and here is a breakdown of the major events.

Mr Peters, upon seeing Mr Diamond in the same room filled his trousers. Mr Diamond after checking that no members of the press were present and that noone was filming proceedings, took Mr Peters into a seperate room where he advised Mr Peters that he had unfinished businees to complete with him. They left the room and a fracas seemed to ensue.
Sandie the dog rolled onto her back for her tummy to be tickled, which was a task that Mr I. Flogemandhangem took to with great zeal, ignoring proceedings.
Given that I was the only one left who could deal with matters, I put on my favourite black cap and was just about to pass sentence when there was a knock on the door, in hopped a kangaroo, with a koala in its pouch, holding a large brown envelope with my name on it.
The case against Mr poyntonshark is offically decided as non-proven.

The following costs were awarded
Sandie the dog - some of her favourite biscuits
Mr I. Flogemandhangem has given a long piece of rope
Mr Peters left a foul odour behind him and hasn't been seen.
Mr Diamond asked for a large bag of raw liver (still warm) to eat on the train as he goes south.
The presiding Judge His Rt Hon Lordship Sir Flumpty of Westmorland CBE, MBE, OBE, MFI, B&Q, KFC, PCWorld, declined all payment for his services, but did ask if anyone knew any 5 star hotels in Hawaii and if he'd have any bother hiring a Gulfstream for cash.

p.s. Carlisle airport is known as CAX, as the killjoys that decide these things wouldn't allow it to be called COX.
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