Pull up a stool and have a drink, The Bar is a great place to socialise. Chat about sport, news, current affairs and anything else. If you are new to the forum its a good place to start.
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By Alex
Welcome to View From The 22, a forum for rugby fans across the globe! 

Feel free to introduce yourself here to let everyone know who you are!
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By MikeGC
Hello everyone,

For regulars on SN, you'll probably recognise my username.
Otherwise, I'm Mike, former president of Burnage RFC in Stockport.
Former season ticket holder at Edgeley Park but only keeping a watchful eye on the Sharks at the moment.
First game at school when I was 10 and played my final game when I was mid-fifties (just into the new millennium).
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By GoldFinch
Hi there,

Long time Warriors supporter, rugby fan since I can't remember. Mod on COYW but not for much longer.

Ex Army, married to an ex squaddie, two barrack rats now residing in Worcestershire.

Nice to have settled after living in 15 different places.

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By patgadd
I'm Chris, using the name patgadd for long and boring reasons. Born a scouse, now Worcester supporter. Played coarse rugby in my youth, lost my job and my first wife in middle age, and now on life's scrapheap and heading for the edge but unbelievably happy with my second wife, who I wouldn't swap for the world (though I would have to weigh it seriously if Goldfinch made me an offer). My golden year was 1956 when I came third in the under 12s obstacle race, won my cycling proficiency certificate and was appointed Acting Window Monitor. I try to be self-deprecating but I'm not very good at it.
By Hookers
I'm Paul, a lot of the Sale south stand regulars will be familiar with me!
I'm the idiot who started the "He Knocked It On" to the tune of the Ma Na Ma Na song.....

Ex RL Utility Back and RU Winger, I used to play Basket Ball too don't ya know!

I can often be found at Wigan Warriors games and the occasional Speedway meeting as well!
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By TeflonTed
I’m Ed, was christened TeflonTed by colleagues at work who quite rightly spotted that I was pretty good at not taking the blame. I maintain that’s because it really wasn’t my fault. Career in sales and marketing with a major precious metals provider.
Brought up in and around Swansea, arrived in the Midlands at the age of 15, now in Droitwich Spa. Not interested in any other sport other than RU. Worcester ST holder since the first year they were on sale, but can’t remember when that was.

Outside of rugby interested in social and industrial history, particularly inland waterways. Volunteer Lock keeper at Canals & Rivers Trust, and Narrowboat Skipper/crew on 70’ charity NB Cecilia for Worcester Bham and Droitwich Canal Society.

Also was until recently vocalist in various line-ups of old farts bands gigging predictable 50’s, 60’s, (70’s at a push) stuff at pubs & small local festivals, now only jamming for the craic.
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