Do you remeber Brush? He always reminded me of a meerkat the way he stood up at the rear of the scrum and peered around!

Well, there's a Charity evening with him, in aid of Young Carers Cheshire East, in Knutsford at 7:30pm on Tuesday, 25th February 2020.

Places are limited so, if you want to go, please exercise a certain modicum of digital extraction and email Simon Carin at simonpcarin@gmail.com pdq asap right now etc. etc.

I'm not connected with this event in any way and I am merely, with Simon Carin's permission, passing on the information to the discerning denizens of this most august and highly esteemed forum.


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An excellent, informative and entertaining evening with Brush in fine form.

170 attended with at least a further 50 who were unable to get tickets due to space limitations.

If you didn't go you missed a treat.
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