I don't think this has been raised on the Sale View, but picked up from the Warriors version that BT had already offered refunds of the Sport fees whilst there is no live sport.
These can be credited to your BT account or passed to the NHS Charity which supports the NHS staff, who clearly need it at present.
I have now filled in the few boxes and will take the credit... which I will pass to the charity for which I am a volunteer fundraiser. All the small charities such as ours are in desperate need of funds as the things we normally rely on like store and street collections are cancelled and our shop is closed too.
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By SimonG
Also worth mentioning that BT say they will continue to offer the credit on a monthly basis as long as there is no live sport. You need to apply initially but not again to receive the further credits.
By snaderson
Presumably that also means you can't watch the BT Sport channels? I've been quite enjoying watching old games with new commentary. Ugo Monye shouting at himself, "Get up, Ugo!"
By Centrethreequarter
When I suspended my Sky and BT Sport subscriptions yesterday through Virgin, it stayed that all these channels would still be available for viewing.
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Thanks mate, much appreciated