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By TeflonTed
Someone moaned that there weren’t enough....

Not my area of expertise, obviously, but site admin. were listening, and increased the file size now I’ve got an avatar...I think.
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By OverTheBorder

Should have added a thank you to Alex for the swift improvement
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By GoldFinch
Changed mine to something more "me" :lol
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By TeflonTed
All good stuff. Apparently an avatar should be a cartoonish representation of how you see yourself....mine is more a representation of my rugby identity.

And of course it shows a nod to the past...when corporate identities had some sense and meaning.

ps...why do we both have a little green dot? Some do, some don’t.

Not that I give a ff, just interested.
I believe it is attached to a profile understood to be on line presently.

So you should always have one when logged in.
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By west brom warrior
Very pleased to have been able to transfer my avatar across from SN so easily.
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By ARFC Warrior
west brom warrior wrote:
Mon Aug 19, 2019 3:29 pm
Very pleased to have been able to transfer my avatar across from SN so easily.
Yes, easier than I expected.
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By GoldFinch
Nice to see so many familiar "faces"
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