By BehindThePosts
Thanks for that. Just finished watching it. My overriding thought is that Heinz was outstanding. Nanai and Williams also good as was Shilly when he came on. All of which was obvious for those at the game.

A number of areas to work on, particularly some of the first-up tackling and for the forwards but the drive over for our first try was great to see. I also now understand why the two Irish trys were given - entirely down to the question asked of the TMO - but at least the first one looked OK from the replays so can't complain.

The stats paint a rather mixed picture in that we came second for defenders beaten, metres made, possession amongst other things. On the face of it, we did well to win. ( ... irish#live)

However, I'm delighted with the 5 points and really looking forward to the rest of the season.
By Macwarrior
Agreed BTP, but how many times have we been better on the stats and still lost?

This was an imperfect display but we scored 5 tries and won comfortably in the end, again not something we are used to.

Early days, but I think the signs look good....a bit like the new kit!

Good shift from Shilly as well at FB and FH later is the injury to Nanai?
By BehindThePosts
Oh yeah, don't misunderstand - I'm delighted with the result and agree we've been on the wrong end of the stats and the luck (and the ref) many times and this one win doesn't even start to even the balance :)

I think JT said that Nanai was a bit stiff. It looked more than that to me. Hope he's fit next week. If not, Shilly will do a great job!
By Underdog
My thoughts were that we did everything perfectly... At least once.

At times, we did everything that a top side does:
Ruthlessness in attack
Solid set piece
Good defence - system and scramble
Kicking for territory
Attacking patterns
Exiting 22
Tidy support at the ruck
Slowing the game when necessary.

But we also did all of those things poorly at other points. A very weird game and as has been alluded to, I suspect we've all seen us play much better than that and walk away with nothing. Irish won't want that to be representative of them, but if it is, they could be in trouble as they let us in quite often.

A good start, and the back row and half backs can take more than their equal share of credit for that. Hopefully Ollie L looks a bit more at it next game, otherwise Morris will deserve a shot.
By Macwarrior
Tough away to champions Quins next week , but will start as massive underdogs .....who knows, but really looking forward to it.
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