By Silver Warrior
Northampton Saints – Saturday 26th October

Tickets: Seated Adults £33 Standing Adults £28

Coach Prices :-
Season ticket holders - £9.50
Others - £11.50

This coach will definitely run

Harlequins – - Saturday 9th November

Tickets: Seated Adults £35

This coach requires 30 bookings to run

Coach Prices :-
Season Ticket Holders - £12
Others - £14

Pick Ups from

St Johns – 10.15am
Lowesmoor – 10.25am
Depart Sixways – 10.45am
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By TeflonTed
Hi Tracey, Chris and myself will probably go for this one, could you let us know where the seat allocations are please?

Saints have very good terms for old farts and it may be worth buying the seats direct.

By Silver Warrior
I'm sure if you call Northampton they will be able to tell you where the Worcester allocation is and sort you out a ticket near them at a concession rate :-).
I don't think the club have any concession tickets in their allocation.

Let me know if you still need me to see about the allocation.
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By TeflonTed
Thanks Tracey, Travel booked online.

The Wuss allocation is in Block 23, its a Cat B game, and the seat ticket price is lower than the Saints standard and concession price, so it's a good deal.

Now, if I can only get the Wuss ticket office to answer the phone................

Edit.... Wuss ticket office confirm the allocated tickets are Churches Stand Block 16. similar position to B 23 but the opposite end.
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