Talking about watching TV...does anyone know where the game might be screened at a rugby club, for those not able to give a whole day to travel to HQ?
Apparently Sale FC are not showing it and Macclesfield aren't either as they have an end of season dinner to prep for. I'm talking S. Manchester/NE Cheshire here.
Yes, I could watch it at home with a brew or a beer, but would prefer to have some sort of atmosphere with other Sale or northern rugby fans around me. Thanks for any leads.
Thanks Chris... Wilmslow it is. I had looked at their site but hadn't scrolled down far enough in the news feeds. They are making a real afternoon of it with a bbq, so hope other SS supporters not making it to London will be encouraged to go there. Bar opens at 1pm.
As it is local to me I can even walk to enjoy a drink or two and try and get a couple of friends to join me. ( Ibozz you seen this?)
For those unable either to get to Twickenham or to access a TV, the game is being covered live on BBC Radio 5 between 1500 and 1700, on BBC Radio London between 1400 and 1800 and BBC Radio Manchester between 1500 and 1800. It’s not clear whether BBC Radio London is a full comentary as the show is called The London Sports Show so may well cover other games being played elsewhere around London.

It’s also on ITV1 between 1425 and 1730.
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