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By Yareet
BBC pod has Ollie Lawrence on. He’s off on holiday this week so unavailable for selection this weekend. :mrgreen:
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Indeed ... a one man demolition of the Bristol defence...reminds me of the power to break the tackle that Manu had a few years back, and which we were just beginning to see again before the WC.
Still think this will be a very even match between us but a vital home win needed over one of the best sides out there now.
By Dave L
I must admit I did a double take then a quick jig around the kitchen this morning on hearing this.

What do we think the front row plan will be? I’ve seen Bath’s last two matches on TNT and they’ve started with Obano and Will Stuart before bringing on Juan Schoeman and Thomas Du Toit for power and raw scrummaging ability in the second half.

Should we look to play like for like and keep Si Mac and Sharky on the bench? I know Bevan is no slouch in the scrum.

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