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By dinogyro
I have completed the survey, but I do have some observations:

Some questions would benefit from a 'don't know' or 'not used' option. For instance, one question asked about the food available. We don't eat at the stadium, so to give any star rating was difficult.

One question asked about the facilities (marquee/kiosk bars/toilets) - I don't think you can group these and get an answer that will help to improve anything. Each one needs to be rated separately.
By KayleighBaxter
Hi Dinogyro,

Thanks for your feedback we unfortunately can't make any amendments once it has been issued but it's something we will consider when we issue another survey in the future.

Thanks for completing it.

By chris1850
Also, various questions ask you to rank 1-5 but it is not made clear whether 1 or 5 is excellent or awful!
By FarnhamShark
One point re the survey - it asked if I have any feedback re the shuttle service, but even though I said "Yes" it didn't give me the opportunity to give any! First comment is that I don't know what the "ride and dine" service is. Second comment is that the traffic as we approach the traffic lights at the ground is appalling. Third comment is that, subject to those comments, the shuttle is great!
By KayleighBaxter
Hi FarnhamShark - noted re: the survey setup & inability to leave comments.

Ride & dine is the opportunity to go and eat at the Trafford Centre and then use the shuttle service to head to the stadium.
We are currently working with a new external traffic / parking support business who we hope will alleviate traffic in the 'last mile' from the stadium.
Thanks again for your feedback,

By KayleighBaxter
chris1850 wrote:
Fri Jul 12, 2019 1:40 pm
Also, various questions ask you to rank 1-5 but it is not made clear whether 1 or 5 is excellent or awful!
Hi Chris1850

Thanks for the feedback re: the setup of the survey & apologies for the error.


By KayleighBaxter
ShawSharkRedemption wrote:
Wed Jul 17, 2019 11:03 am
Can I ask when the Season Tickets are sent out ?
Hi ShawSharkRedemption, season membership packs will be sent out in the next week. Thanks Kayleigh
By ale shark
Was sent my tickets electronically today to go in the phone wallet (iPhone). Brilliant service
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By chris1850
ale shark wrote:
Wed Jul 17, 2019 6:15 pm
Was sent my tickets electronically today to go in the phone wallet. Brilliant service
I use an Android phone. When I click on the link to upload the ticket to Google Pay, I get the message 'Oops. Something went wrong. Please try again later '. Anyone else managed it successfully?
By Hilly07
Yer mine worked on Android 2nd time I tried, using the link not the logo.

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By iBozz
I know nothing of Android but, at the risk of teaching my Grandmother to suck eggs, have you tried what we in the iOS world call a "hard reset"? I carry this out whenever there is a suspected problem with my iPad and, whether there is or not, around once a month as a preventative measure.

I am assuming that there is an Android equivalent? I wouldn't know what the Android version would be but I'm sure someone knows. Or you could do an interwebbynettythingy search.

On iOS, you hold down the Power and Home buttons simultaneously and keep them held down until the Apple logo appears. First, there will be a black screen and then the appearance of the logo. It make take a few minutes for the logo to appear and it may take much longer than usual to reboot from there - panic thee not for all is indeed well and to be expected.

What is going on is that the device is performing many internal tests and checks and correcting those minor and non-fatal errors inevitable in any IT OS or system.

I assume that Android will have a similar "Hard Reset" and it would be worth trying that to see if that allows you to follow the link.

If it doesn't, then at least you know that the error is unlikely to be at your end.
By chris1850
Thanks IBozz for the suggestion. It is possible to hard reset an Android phone. However this effectively restores everything to the factory state whuch I am loathe to do as there is too much other data etc on the phone that I wouldn't want to lose

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Google Pay to no avail. However, during that process, it struck me that the email address that the Club have for me (and presumably is the one linked to the Season Card) is different to the email address that my Google Pay account is linked to. The first is a account, the second is a account.

I have therefore emailed the ticket office and asked them to link the Season Card to the gmail email address and to resend it to me. I am hopeful that may solve the problem.

Otherwise, I will just have to make sure I remember my traditional ticket card each game!
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By iBozz
Ah, I see. The iOS hard reset is completely different from a Factory Reset and it does not change or delete anything. It is perfectly safe to do it and all settings, data, etc. will be retained.

The Factory Reset, which is a command issued via the Settings panel and not by a key combination, will lose all your settings (but not data) and is only used if the device has gone to hell in a handcart!
By Hilly07
I don't think it needs a reset (holding power for 10 secs on Android)

Looks like it's being sorted club side

Mine came through fine yesterday and us sitting in my Google Pay account
By FarnhamShark
Hi Kayleigh:

Do you know when the Club will be publishing details of dates, times, venues, opponents, for pre-season friendlies?
By KayleighBaxter
Hi Farnham Shark, we don't have any preseason fixtures planned this year due to the RWC - our first fixture (first team squad) will be V Northampton Saints on Saturday 21st Sept @ 3pm at the AJ Bell Stadium.
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By iBozz
Hi, Kayleigh.

The main Fixture list includes games described as: Premiership Rugby Cup, Gallagher Premiership Rugby & Premiership Rugby Shield, would I be correct in assuming that the first two are for Sale Sharks and the third is for the Jets?

I notice that the Academy Fixtures (not the easiest to find, go to Home > Teams > Academy > Fixtures) still show last term's fixtures and results - when shall that be updated? Or are we at last to have one fully comprehensive Fixture list covering all Sharks and related teams, such as Jets and any others under the SS umbrella?
By KayleighBaxter
Hi iBozz,

Yes, the Premiership Rugby Cup, Gallagher Premiership filters relate to the Sharks – with the Champions Cup to be added once the fixtures are released in August. The Premiership Rugby Shield filter is updated for the 19/20 season and you’re correct that this relates to the Jets. This main fixtures page will show all Sharks and Jets fixtures for the season, once they are all released.

The fixture list on the Academy pages should have auto-updated, but hasn’t - thanks for flagging this and we’ll get it corrected now. This page will cover the Jets also, and the U18’s. It’s difficult to put the younger teams fixtures on at the start of the season, as they are regularly not confirmed until closer to the time and often are triangular/festival style events.

Thanks for your feedback,

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By iBozz
Many thanks, Kayleigh, very much appreciated.
By ale shark
Hi Kayleigh, are there any proposed changes to the Park & Ride Shuttle buses next season?
Is the TC one still going to be free?
Is the Macro one going to be running and is the price still going to be £8?
By KayleighBaxter
Hi AleShark,

The Trafford Centre Shuttle Service will still run and will be free, we are about to issue a feasibility study via email to all season ticket holders. Makro charge a fee per space (and a minimum number of spaces must be purchased) therefore we need to understand what the interest would be in seasonal / match by match parking (including a shuttle service) before we can proceed. Hopefully there will be sufficient interest which will allow us to proceed.


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By Raimond
Hi Kayleigh and others,

Sorry if this gets asked ad nauseum! I know the Heineken fixtures are imminent and the first few Gallagher Prem fixtures have been confirmed but when will we (mainly) play home fixtures please??

I come over from Sheffield which isn't far I know but it's fiddly, so not really possible for Friday night matches after work. I'm hoping for Saturdays and Sundays as I think we've got a hell of a good season coming up!! Thank you
By The Angel Shark
Saturday 3pm is our preferred day, changes are made for broadcast, or due to clashes with major events locally/international fixtures.
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