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By patgadd
I don't do Bookface, but my wife does, and she tells me there are strong rumours that Ryan wants out of his contract a year early in a last attempt at international recognition. Best bets appear to be Wasps (Robson is his best mate) or Bath.
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By Abmatt
Disappointing news if true. However he hasn’t been at the races this season perhaps a move would be better for him and us.
By A38
There has been quite a bit going on in rugby circles this year so far - and there's probably more to come.

We've had Saracens and now the de-funding of the Championship. There is talk of imminent ring-fencing not to mention the influence of CVC. We are post-World Cup and international teams are building for the next Cup. There are concerns about injuries and salary inflation - and there may or may not be an issue over Kolpak.

Locally there has been concern that there has been silence on the new signing front - but looking around other clubs seem to be in a not dissimilar position.

My guess is that behind the scenes across the country plans have been ripped up and negotiations put on hold whilst the post Saracens market is reassessed. Accordingly the market place is likely to be volatile but there will be one constant across the Premiership: budgets will be limited either by a tighter adherence to the Cap or simply by affordability.

It does make financial sense if club A is happy to let Player Y go before his contract is up if his money could be spent elsewhere at a time when, say, a more than useful prop is desperately needed. Player Y's new club would also I assume have to come up with a "transfer fee"?
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By west brom warrior
Well he has little chance of England recognition in my opinion as he isn't consistent enough so if he doesn't want to be at the club then let him leave.
By Underdog
His best chance was the two or three year period when he was absolutely vital to the team and sometimes carried them to wins (eg the Quins game at home under Carl Hogg). If he does want to go to be in with a chance of getting into the team, he would go with my best wishes.

It does seem that he and the club are not working well together anymore for whatever reason. There's not always a soap opera behind it, it happens.
By A38
#9540 ... ath-wasps/

Just copying this in for the record - although it is nothing more than a repetition of what has already been on this board. Hardly investigative journalism.

However it does give me the opportunity of having a geriatric dig at the WN. Why is every player talked about in a headline called an "ace" irrespective of who they are. And of course it's not just rugby; players in all sports are "aces".
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By Abmatt
At times he has been ‘ace’, but at the moment is off the ‘pace’. :nottalking:

Well it made me chuckle anyway!
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By TeflonTed
The link provided by SS claims that Mills is still in touch with Eddie.

As others have said, personally I’d be astonished if said Eddie, needing to seriously refresh his team, would give even a passing thought to including Mills in the England side.

However, what do I know.

Mills has been a good servant to Warriors, but seems to be out of favour. I’d certainly wish him well.

In other words, I agree with everyone else, and am now seriously wondering why I started this post.
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By west brom warrior
Ted I never picked up on the when I first read the Ruck article but I suppose it could be true and Eddie has a lot of time on his hands between international periods so he may keep in contact with a lot of players who have been in the training camp at some time. It doesn't take long to send a quick text I guess
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By Abmatt
We are working on another deal, but his 300k pa wage is putting other clubs off.

I’d like him to stay, but if his hearts not in it then go. He’ll have to take a pay cut though to be able to leave.
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By FlipFlop
"£300k..." :yikes:

His Agent has done well for him.

He's not worth that money IMO. Let someone else pay him that money (doubt Wasps can given the chat on the other thread about their recruitment at present). If Bath have got it, then good luck to them.

He seems to have forgotten his first 2 seasons in the Meds tent getting fixed if this news is reputable at all. I have a sense that his 'bench spot' v Bath was a part in his move to them.


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