By AndaleManito
I also though he looks slower, but haven't seen him in a position to gas someone on the outside just yet.

I though Sam James looked absolutely rapiiiide on his support line on DDP for the horse's try!
By Surbiton_Shark
I though Sam James looked absolutely rapiiiide on his support line on DDP for the horse's try!

I also noticed that - he really put a sprint on.

Rather amusingly - on the live shot of that try my son and I are by the try line and he puts his hands in the air to celebrate whilst the pass was in mid-air to the Horse......I spotted it on the highlights - I didn't....bit worried they may check the forward pass and the Horse still had a bit of work to do - I neednt' have to worry about the Horse however and his finish!
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By Grumpy Old Shark
Presumably when he's saying that he's faster, he has actually have been timed

I'm fairly sure that it's not jus a feeling

That said, what he can do on the training ground isn't necessarily what he can replicate during a match.... just yet!
By Elgar
Good for him. Comes across really well.

Sounds similar to a process Jonny May went through (may even be exactly the same trainer) and look at how immensely he’s improved since.

As I said on an adjacent thread today, I’d be keen for him to stay in the long run.

Him looking slower I'd more readily put down to lack of sharpness in reading the game and speed of thought. Entirely understandable for that to take a good number of 1st XV games to get back.
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By poyntonshark
I too would have thought he had been timed to say he was faster, but the article only says that he believes he is faster and he feels faster.

I don't particularly care whether he is faster or not, fast enough will do. Out and out pace was never really his greatest weapon anyway. Although he is no slouch, his strength and ability to bounce off defenders was his strong point
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By stevene
not sure about the wheels. tbh their 9 nearly caught him for the first try despite marland having a 10 yard head start.

marland wasnt the quickest pre injury compared to other international wings. what set him apart was his ability to read play and pick the right line/ support line (he was also good defensively). we are starting to see that again and the fact he should still be in rehab shows his commitment. he is starting to look better and hopefully by the end of the season he will be there. just not there yet (imo).
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